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   Chapter 2085 Fighting Intent Penalty

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Lavender appeared to be thinking of something. She knew Zen better than Supreme Lord of Oracle did, and she had also stayed in that fairy palace for a very long time.

When Zen travelled to the Illusion Battlefield, Lavender had often walked around the fairy palace, aimlessly and alone. The fairy palace still had many secrets that had yet to be revealed.

Occasionally, from the palace, she could hear the barking of a dog.

Although Lavender had never seen Blackie before, the power contained in Blackie's roar had left a deep impression on her, who at the time, was still a soul body. Although she was fearless, when Blackie barked, the sound caused her to feel a lot of pressure, even if the distance between them was far too great.

She guessed that Blayd must have come from the fairy palace.

Once Blayd had successfully destroyed the True God Souls one by one, he gradually slowed his speed and leisurely walked toward Marko.

His long black hair draped messily over Blayd's shoulders, and his muscles were bulging, which made his body look as though it had been embedded with stones. His muscles even appeared to emit a faint glow, as if there was some kind of special power hidden within that was just waiting for the right moment to erupt.

Once Marko, who was grabbing the Soul Searching Flag, noticed Blayd, his face finally revealed a hint of fear.

He had already understood that the person before him didn't take him seriously at all and was even not afraid of his master.

Perhaps Murphy was watching the ongoing battle in this universe, but he would never act rashly.

Starting a war in the universe was not a small matter and definitely not something to be scoffed at. It required the Hall of Holy Beings' approval. Aside from Murphy in fact, many other Holy Beings were equally paying attention to the war. It was genuinely impossible for Murphy to openly violate the Hall of Holy Beings' rules by taking part in the war personally.

In other words, under the attack of this random guy from the War God Hall, no one was permitted to help Marko resist.

Many True Gods had peacefully lived for an extremely long period of time. According to the calendar in the Evolutionary Universe, their lifespan could reach tens of billions of years, or even hundreds of billions of years. In the divine land, there were even a few True Gods who had committed suicide because they had lived far too long a life and couldn't continue doing so anymore.

Marko, on the other hand, was still an extremely young, remarkable True God. He still had an endless amount of longevity to enjoy. He could experience the endless cycle of reincarnation and enjoy the worship of billions of creatures...

Until this very moment, he had never thought he could die in the Evolutionary Universe. He never imagined it would be possible.

Right then, as he was out of the fear of death, Marko's only desire was to flee. There was only one place left to which he could escape, and that was the Murphy Universe. Although both universes were each fighting their own wars, and it

hough he believed that Blayd was more powerful than Marko, he didn't expect the entire process to have been so simple for Blayd. In the end, he had once again underestimated the group of people living in the dungeon.


Zen's figure flashed, and he instantly moved to the Soul Searching Flag's side. Lavender and Supreme Lord of Oracle were both still trapped in bands of light, motionlessly bound to the flag itself.

At the moment, he grabbed the Soul Searching Flag and felt a powerful repulsive force coming at him. His head felt like it had been ripped open and the pain was unbearable.

Although Lavender couldn't move or speak, her face displayed pure worry. Her eyes looked lost.

"The Soul Searching Flag is not an ordinary supreme primordial weapon. Although I destroyed seven True God Souls, there are still tens of thousands of souls trapped within." Blayd stepped forward and stretched out his hand in order to grab onto the Soul Searching Flag. With a sudden shake, the two light bands binding Lavender and Supreme Lord of Oracle broke like chains, and the two women instantly regained their freedom.

After completely getting rid of the light bands, Supreme Lord of Oracle lightly tapped her foot on the ground before cupping her hands and bowing towards Blayd. "Thank you for saving my life!" she praised.

Blayd faintly smiled. "You'd be better off thanking him. I've only come on his orders. I had no intentions of helping you." There was no right or wrong in this universal war. Although he chose to help Zen, this didn't automatically mean that he chose to take a stand. Blayd had been imprisoned in the fairy palace by Bromley for a long time, and he didn't know what position the War God Hall had taken toward the two Holy Beings. In such a case, he was even less likely to position himself on one side or the other.

When all was said and done, Blayd tossed the Soul Searching Flag to Zen. "This thing is also an extremely powerful treasure. I've already erased the imprint on it. It'll be of great use to you."

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