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   Chapter 2084 A War God

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Out of nowhere, Marko saw Zen appear in this place. He jostled slightly with surprise as he exclaimed, "What?! Aren't you the boy that Pranav was looking for earlier? Where did you go? And how have you managed to reappear?!"

Moments before, Pranav had used Marko's Soul Searching Flag in order to search for Zen's figure throughout the whole Evolutionary Universe.

However, Zen had disappeared without leaving a trace. This was strange, and everyone had felt quite uneasy about such an occurrence.

But Zen was now standing right before Marko's eyes. Marko felt utter shock.

Still though, despite his curiosity and his questions, he didn't take Zen very seriously. From Marko's perspective, Zen was an ordinary Godly Genius who just happened to be slightly stronger than the others. If he wasn't bothered in the slightest by the many Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe, then there was no way a Godly Genius, who was only at the world lord's level, was going to intimidate him. He was nothing in his eyes! In Marko's opinion, Zen's reappearance here was no different than courting death.

"Thank God! You've finally shown up on your own. Pranav is stubbornly persistent. He will fight to the end just to find you, and if he doesn't, he'll be talking about this for the next tens of thousands of years to come!" Marko whined.

Zen did nothing but stare coldly back at Marko. After Marko finished speaking, Zen ordered, "Kill him. Use the most painful method possible." His tone was completely flat and without any emotion whatsoever.

Marko's face suddenly became astonished, "Who are you talking to? Wait! Have you managed to get yourself a helping hand?"

As the True Gods of the divine land, no one ever considered a secondary creature as anything, let alone worthy of something. The True Gods' identities as Murphy's disciples made them even prouder and more arrogant. Although he couldn't take his question back, the fact remained that Marko had never thought Zen would really find a powerful helper.

Before Zen could answer his question, a calm voice suddenly came from behind Marko. "Congratulations! You got that right!"


Abruptly, an overwhelming fighting intent began to rise.

This man's fighting intent contained an invincible might. It was as if he feared absolutely nothing in the world. Even if his life was directly on the line, he wouldn't hesitate in charging forward — not even for a second.

Upon feeling the overwhelming fighting intent, Marko immediately knew that he had encountered great trouble.

Although his frivolous and playful personality often took precedence, Marko's talent was undoubtedly excellent. This was true because otherwise, he would never have been taken in by Murphy as his disciple. As soon as he felt the fighting intent, his right hand started to shake, and the Flash Bat that was perched on the Soul Searching Flag instantly turned into a grey light as it charged toward the person behind him.

The Flash Bat's speed was so tremendous that it could barely be seen by the naked eye.

Some moments earlier, even Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment and the others had been completely unable to catch a genuine glimpse of it. All they could see was a grey flash.

The person w

wn souls. In other words, capturing a True God's soul wasn't set out to be an easy task. Once someone succeeded in doing so though, it was a formidable and rare skill.

Although Master Evil and Wayne were much stronger than Blayd, dealing with these powerful souls might actually prove to be a challenge for them while it was much easier for Blayd. The main reason for the latter was because Blayd was from the War God Hall.

The warriors of the War God Hall specialized in the Fighting Godly Way. Once their fighting intent was activated, it became completely unstoppable. Even their souls would be surrounded by the raging fighting intent and thus, they wouldn't even fear soul-level attacks.

When the first True God Soul rushed over to him, Blayd immediately punched it head-on. His fist was filled with fighting intent as it smashed into the void. The space, tens of thousands of feet wide immediately exploded, and everything within it began to dissipate.


Once the glaring light that was produced by the annihilation disappeared, the first True God's soul was gone, nowhere to be seen. It had already been destroyed and had disappeared.

Blayd didn't stop there, though. His second punch was loaded and he launched it without a moment's hesitation.




Every time a dull sound reverberated, a vast expanse of space was ultimately demolished, leaving nothing more but dust behind. Simultaneously, a True God Soul was also destroyed.

It was then that Marko's heart sank in despair. Each of these True God Souls were legitimate enough to serve as his trump card, but they couldn't even withstand a single blow from this man. He wondered how Zen had managed to find such a powerful helping hand.

When Supreme Lord of Oracle and Lavender, who were bound to the Soul Searching Flag, watched the scene play out before them, their eyes widened in astonishment. They stared at the man who looked like a war god, and both their expressions were filled with disbelief.

And at the same time, they shared the same thoughts that Marko was having. Where had Zen found such a powerful warrior who was actually willing to help him?!

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