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   Chapter 2083 An Urgent Situation

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The divine land possessed a long history.

The time span of a single divine era was unimaginably long. Since the establishment of the divine land, numberless divine eras had flowed into history.

In every divine era, there were countless living beings that became True Gods. And after becoming a True God, their inner worlds would form a perfect closed loop. Their lifespan was unlimited, which normally meant eternal existence for all of these beings.

True Gods continued to be born, but only a few had died.

As each of the countless divine eras passed, the number of True Gods in the divine land began to form an extremely large group.

However, the number of True Gods that were able to become Holy Beings was extremely small.

Mike Luo was the only one with the surname "Luo".

When these True Gods heard her speak, they instantly understood what the blue-robed woman meant.

They had heard that Holy Mike and Holy Bromley were friendly with each other, so even though there was quite a commotion in the Hall of Holy Beings in the divine land, Holy Bromley still remained firmly on Mike's side, resisting the pressure placed upon him. This Zen must be the son of Mike. Then it was no surprise that he had been able to take Bromley as his master.

Master Evil and Wayne had sensed Zen's talent and had considered taking him in as a disciple. They abandoned the idea while they heard that Zen was Bromley's disciple. Now that they knew he was the son of Mike, they understood that they were overthinking things.

"Well, I really did not see that coming," Master Evil grimaced.

Wayne standing beside him nodded his head in agreement.

At most, he would simply run away after killing three of Murphy's disciples. The divine land was vast and boundless, so although Murphy was a Holy Being and had access to the highest authorities, it would still be difficult for him to learn the truth about what had really happened.

However, the war between two universes had begun within the inner world of a Holy Being. Murphy was not the only one who was watching this war with interest; the Hall of Holy Beings were also monitoring the situation closely.

At the start the two of them had been very active, but now they had begun to retreat.

"I will go," Blayd spoke calmly.

"Ah! Blayd is eminently suitable. He has a highly esteemed status. And he is not afraid that Murphy will take revenge on him. Then, thank you for being so willing to take on this task," The face of Master Evil was beaming while he spoke.

Blayd rolled his eyes. He had a very different background compared to these two. The two of them were both known as infamous villains in the divine land. If they were exposed, they would be haunted by many people. Even if Murphy did not act against them, other Holy Beings might be inclined to kill them.

However, Bromley held Blayd here for different reasons, so he was not afraid of Murphy.

"Then I will also go." The blue-robed woman smiled slightly. Compared to the two of them, she didn't display any reluctance. Her alluring eyes revealed a faint black fog that escaped along her eyelashes as if it had left a black eye shadow on her eyelids.

"Alright," Zen said as h

and swiftly encompassed Lavender.

The moment Lavender became entangled by the light, she felt her soul unable to move. Even her speed of thought greatly slowed down, and she was unable to control her body to make an escape.

"Such a beauty, it would be a shame if she died." Marko chuckled before falling backwards. With the Soul Searching Flag in his hand, he shot downwards.

Supreme Lord of Oracle was falling while unconscious, and she was caught up by Marko after a little while. As Marko shook the Soul Searching Flag, a gray light belt once again appeared from the flag and wrapped around Supreme Lord of Oracle, holding her tightly.

Marko hung the two girls from the Soul Searching Flag just as if they were spoils of war.

As for Lavender and Supreme Lord of Oracle who was now waking, by this point, their mood had already sunk to rock bottom. It was better to die fighting in the universe than be captured by a person who acted in such a way.

"Wow!" Marko's face had a dirty expression as he reached out his hand and gently pinched the face of Supreme Lord of Oracle. Supreme Lord of Oracle could not move, but she continued to stare into Marko. Her cold eyes were filled with burning desire to kill.

"I like the expression in your eyes," Marko patted the face of Supreme Lord of Oracle. Then, he glanced to the side to see Lavender. Although the two women both wore cold expressions, their auras were as different as the sky and the earth.

He was about to play around but just then he suddenly heard the whistling of the wind behind him. His heart froze and he pulled the Soul Searching Flag as he rushed to the side.


A sword light sent from several hundred miles away slashed Marko from the side. The sharpness of this sword light actually chilled Marko's heart.

If it had not been for his sharp reactions, this strike might actually have killed him.

A few hundred miles away, Zen held his Great Weighty Sword as he stared at Lavender and Supreme Lord of Oracle, who were hanging on the Soul Searching Flag. The veins on his temples were exposed while his face was filled with a malicious aura.

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