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   Chapter 2082 The Woman In Blue

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Zen squeezed himself between the walls of the narrow passageway and found that he was on the second floor of the dungeon.

However, the scene that unfolded in front of him had left Zen completely dumbstruck.

The second floor of the dungeon was vast, and it was about several hundred feet in depth. This was in contrast to the constricted space of the dungeon's first floor. This floor seemed far more spacious.

Eight silver discs were mounted on the ceiling, floor, and walls of the dungeon. Each of these discs had a Fairy Chain attached to it, which extended to the center of the dungeon. At the end of the Fairy Chains was a person bound in them...

The Fairy Chains were wrapped tightly around the person like a cocoon. There were no discernible features to recognize the person's appearance.

Zen noticed countless slender hair strands that stretched out from the gaps between the chains and extended further onto the ground.

'Is it a woman?' Zen thought.

Although it was him who enslaved this person by using the Enslaving Token, he didn't try to explore the memories of the person's soul. When he had heard the voice from the second floor, Zen wasn't able to distinguish if the person who spoke was a man or a woman.

An alabaster arm was visible from a small gap between the Fairy Chains.

The arm was pale and slender, as if it was carved out of white jade. It had an elegantly beautiful form. There was a high chance that this hand had thrown the Enslaving Token to Zen earlier.

'Is this person's cultivation level too high that it requires so many Fairy Chains to restrain her?' Zen wondered.

He advanced towards the cocoon and said, "Let me help you unravel the chains."

When he finished speaking, he activated the heaven token again. Cracks riddled the Fairy Chains and they crumbled before disintegrating, like silk that was reeled off from a cocoon.

Little by little, a naked body was revealed in front of Zen.

Usually, when a warrior reached a certain level of cultivation, they were expected to have a thorough understanding of physical bodies and how they functioned.

Soul Sea Realm warriors lived for thousands of years, and they had seen all kinds of beautiful creatures. As for the higher level warriors, and even True Gods, they could live for an even longer period of time. They were no longer amazed by beauty; all creatures were just vessels in their eyes.

A True God like Wayne, who cared a lot about his looks, was a rare case.

However, Zen was only forty years old. He still felt a little awkward when an extremely beautiful woman appeared in front of him stark naked. She radiated a glow that was as bright and clear as the moonlight. There seemed to be some kind of enchantment hidden within her body that made it impossible for Zen to look away.

But out of respect, Zen still forced his face to one side.

After the Fairy Chains were all removed,

an. It was an unusual sight to see such a frightened expression on his face.

The blue-clothed woman chuckled. "We are all on the same boat now. There is no need to kill you. But I'm not sure that I will not kill you in the future if we meet again. Right now, I think we should talk about... how to help this young man."

As they got down to discuss the matter at hand, Zen's gaze wavered slightly. "Two people. I only need two people to fight with me."

"Can't we all go together?" Blayd asked immediately.

"I agree. If all of us go, we could quickly tear them apart and finish the job as soon as possible," Wayne echoed.

They thought that if the blue-clothed woman stayed in the fairy palace, the others who hadn't been chosen by Zen would probably be in great trouble. If the four of them went with Zen, at least this blue-clothed woman wouldn't be able to act rashly. It seemed that their fear of her had already reached its peak.

"No," Zen shook his head. "I need you to fight in the universe. The enemy only has three True Gods on their side, and we can only have three on ours. This is a rule."


"Are you talking about an inner world built by a Holy Being?"

"Isn't there only one True God allowed to stay in a universe?"

"Who did Murphy wage a war against?"

The four of them all had surprised looks on their faces. They were imprisoned in the fairy palace so they were sure that this was the Swirl Forest. They didn't expect that Zen would take them to the universe to fight.

Before this, they already knew that they would be fighting against warriors who were Murphy's disciples. Since they were going to fight in some universe, Murphy must have launched a new war against another Holy Being...

"Does the person that Murphy waged a war against have the surname Luo?" a devious smile appeared on the woman's face as she asked.

With this remark, the few True Gods instantly found the answer.

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