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   Chapter 2081 Enslaving

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"Do I look funny to you?"

Wayne snarled, his ugly face crumpling in malevolence.

Since he was not human, it was natural for his appearance to be a bit odd. Unfortunately, he had an incredible amount of pride, so any sort of offense against him was intolerable.

"I'm sorry," Zen apologized as he tried to suppress his smile.

Even if he was successful in forcing these people to swear the inner demon oath, they were still supreme elders of the divine land. It wouldn't be good for Zen to be rude.

Believing the sincerity of Zen's apology, Big Mouth found himself surprised at how easy it was to talk to this young man.

After taking such a serious inner demon oath, he could now be considered enslaved by this young man. There was no need for him to have apologized to him.

In the divine land, both he and Master Evil were outlaws that were hunted by all forces. All the friends they'd made were naturally vicious and he often had to fight other people that made fun of his appearance.

Of course, almost all True Gods that made fun of him were very swiftly eaten by him. This was because Big Mouth cultivated the extremely powerful Heaven Devouring Technique. After devouring a True God, he did not destroy their cinnabar field, rather he was able to merge his prey's inner world with his own. The more True Gods he consumed, the stronger and more terrifying his inner world became.

His current strength was only a notch below Master Evil but the rate at which he improved was definitely faster. As long as he kept devouring True Gods, then achieving the consummation of True God's level and becoming a Holy Being wasn't that far off. To do that though, he needed to devour an unimaginable number of True Gods. It was after having devoured thousands that Bromley caught him.

"Alas, I'm used to this," he muttered with an uncaring wave. "Set me free. Quickly!"

If one treated others with respect then he or she too would be treated the same way.

Zen nodded before using the token of heaven to help free this Big Mouth.

As soon as he was set free, he quickly scrambled and ran out of the dungeon.

Zen was left in the dust. He turned his gaze and looked deeper into the dungeon once again.

There was a big dog in the backyard and then Blayd who was locked out of the dungeon. On the first floor were Master Evil and Big Mouth, Wayne. Zen also remembered hearing another voice, the one that told him he was requiring too much.

At the end

ng enslaved by you seems a better option."

The prisoner on the second floor had secretly observed Zen. Confident that the young man was neither despicable nor dark, that prisoner willingly handed over the Enslaving Token in a desperation to attain freedom.

That prisoner truly was cunning, as Saul had said.

With his suspicions confirmed, Zen took the token back and returned to the dungeon. Under the mysterious prisoner's guidance, Zen sent a thread of his soul force into the token.

The moment he linked the token with himself, Zen immediately felt a cold feeling invade his mind as he sensed an unfamiliar, yet powerful soul. It seemed that he could read any thought or memory that this soul had.

Zen possessed the will of worlds which allowed him to read the lives of countless creatures, however, he was reading them as a bystander. Right now, Zen had an absolute and unfettered view of this soul's secrets as well as its understanding of cultivation methods and life. There was no resistance and Zen could even erase any memory if he wanted.

In short, Zen was now the master of this soul.

"Can you release me now?" the prisoner's faint voice called out once again.

Zen nodded. In a flash, he rushed through the narrow moss passageway towards the second floor. The moment he entered, the mossy walls suddenly wrapped around him.


Zen snorted as he began to fight his way forward.

According to Master Evil, the moss in the Swirl Forest could swallow even a True God, but to Zen, this was nothing once he activated the power of the nine stars. So Zen began his fight against the growth of the thick moss.

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