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   Chapter 2080 Releasing The Prisoners

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After the long-haired man ran around with the joy of gaining his freedom, he cast his gaze at Zen. A hard-to-read look flashed on his face as he said, "No matter who your enemies are, I will kill them." He then looked at the dungeon and let out a laugh. "As for the guys in the dungeon, it's better to let them stay there!"

Hearing this, Zen let out a faint smile. He knew he didn't need to release everyone in the dungeon. If Blayd alone was enough to kill Pranav, Mateo, and Marko, there was no need for him to release the rest prisoners from the dungeon.

"If you really have the balls to kill the three people I just mentioned," Zen said. "Then there's no need to release them." He gave a small nod.

At first, the people in the dungeon were not willing to take the inner demon oath, but hearing Zen and Blayd's conversation brought them to a panic. Previously, Zen had something to ask for them, so he offered to release them. The chance would be long gone at this point.

The thought of this brought a lot of anxiousness to the encaged warriors.

"Blayd! What are you saying?"

You want to burn the bridges? You ungrateful bastard! I should have never taught you my cultivation method!"

"Well... Your name is Zen, right? I will swear by my inner demon. I, Master Evil, will listen to your commands in this life. If I disobey in any way or form, I will be attacked by the inner demon and suffer through my own death." Just then, his old voice echoed off the walls of the dungeon.

Apart from Master Evil, another person who was called Big Mouth spoke up loudly, "I am also willing to take the oath! I, Wayne Wu, am willing to submit to Zen in this lifetime. If I break my oath, I will be burned by the inner demon and suffer through my own death."

Seeing that two warriors couldn't wait to take the oath, Blayd looked quite defeated at the sight of this.

Many years ago, Blayd was captured by Bromley and taken captive to the fairy palace. However, Bromley did not imprison him in the depths of the dungeon. Compared to the three old freaks in the dungeon, he was deemed unqualified to be locked up in dungeon.

However, Blayd, who was locked out of the dungeon, had gained a lot of things from Wayne and Master Evil by cheating. If these two people were released at the same time, they would definitely find out the truth and take revenge on him, and that was why he had been so against the idea of Zen releasing anyone else from the dudgeon just now.

"There's no need to release them. I can help you kill those three True Gods. Even if they are the disciples of a Holy Being, they shouldn't be my match," Blayd advised.

"You, I knew you were a swindler!"

"Wait till I come out and tear you apart!"

As the two people heard Blayd's words, they were enraged and profanities and cuss words echoed back and forth w

wondered what kind of warrior was chosen by Bromley to be his disciple, but it seems that it is a warrior that has nothing special."

Zen ignored him. He simply activated the heaven token and a gray light shot out towards the silver bars in front of him.


The moment the light entered in between the bars, dense cracks started to appear on them. As they collapsed, they disappeared before Zen's eyes. Previously when Zen released Blayd, he had been amazed that the material used for the chains was magical because they disappeared and evaporated like water. For some reason, this kind of material could actually imprison True Gods.

"Ding, ding, ding..."

As Master Evil saw the bars dissipate, he extended out his hands in front of Zen in a plea. "Please!" There were two Fairy Chains holding his arms together.

After Zen untied the two Fairy Chains binding Master Evil, the latter stretched out his wrists and rubbed them with his palms. A joyful smile then appeared on his face. To gain freedom was indeed something that could make one wild with joy. However, when such smile appeared on Master Evil's sinister face, it was quite uncomfortable to look at.

With a flip of his body, Master Evil immediately disappeared in front of Zen. Zen merely felt a gust of wind brush past him and when he turned his head to look, Master Evil had already rushed out of the dungeon.

"Hey, please don't forget me! I'm still locked inside!"

An anxious voice called from the other cell.

Wayne, the Big Mouth, was imprisoned here together with Master Evil for countless years. When he saw that Master Evil had been freed, he was itching to get out as well.

When Zen arrived in front of Wayne's gloomy cell, he couldn't help but let out a laugh. This Big Mouth really lived up to his name. He had a huge mouth, and his lips were like two sausages, making him look very amusing.

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