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   Chapter 2079 Inner Demon Oath

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Hearing Saul's conversation with those people, Zen could guess what they were thinking.

These people wanted to leave the place as soon as possible and this was the only chip Zen could use to bargain with them.

"I will let you go," Zen chimed in.

The long-haired man's eyes flashed with a fiery light and the corners of his eyes twitched intensely when he heard Zen's announcement.

Though he began bubbling with excitement, he tried his best to restrain his emotions.


Several fierce auras exploded instantly from the prison's entrance—they were filled with anticipation.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

"I can teach you the Heinously Evil Way personally!"

"Hmph! I can help you cultivate the Heaven Devouring Technique—it's much better than that Heinously Evil Way!"

"Hey, Big Mouth… what do you mean? How about we fight it out right now?"

"Haha! Master Evil… you weren't my opponent all those years ago. Even if we were anywhere else, you still wouldn't be my match!"

Just like that, the two figures in the dungeon got into a heated argument as if they were fighting over a high position.

During the long debate, they left Zen on the sideline. After a long moment, Zen finally interrupted. "I have only one request for you all to be released."

This time, everyone kept silent.

Mulling it over for a moment, he then spoke, "Help me kill three True Gods."

Amidst the silence, the old voice resounded once again. "The difference in strength between True Gods can be huge. What's their level, low-rank, mid-rank, or top-rank? Perhaps the consummate level?"

"Three low-rank True Gods," Zen said.

"Three mere low-rank True Gods… it's a piece of cake. What are their names?" The old voice inquired further.

"Pranav Mu, Marko Mu, and Mateo Mu."

"Three unknown juniors. Tsk, what an easy mission."

Because these people had been imprisoned for many years, they didn't recognize any of the new True Gods within the divine land.

"Wait, their last name is Mu?" one of them asked. "Are these three related to Murphy Mu?"

"Yes," Zen nodded in response.

That made the long-haired man at the entrance frown as he said, "These three are all disciples of Murphy?"

"Yes," Zen nodded another time.

And again, there was only silence for a moment.

These people in the dungeon were the most vicious types of True Gods in the divine land. They were extremely powerful, but that wasn't to say that they didn't care about anything.

Back then, it was because they offended Bromley that they

need to continue."

After he finished speaking, Zen turned around and walked away.

He was well aware of his own bargaining power—these people hardly had any choice but to adhere to his conditions.

If these fellows were unwilling to swear the inner demon oath, even if they killed Marko, Mateo, and Pranav, they might cause trouble to Zen.

Watching Zen retreat, the long-haired man suddenly stood up and said, "I, Blayd Zhan, swear an inner demon oath that I will obey your commands for the rest of my life. If I should violate any one of them, I shall be devoured by the inner demon and die."

When the man spoke, Zen's steps came to a halt. He then turned around and smiled at the man, saying, "I'll see you free."

With that, Zen walked towards the entrance and activated the token of heaven in his hand. Immediately, a faint gray light shot out from it.


The moment the gray light touched the Fairy Chain, it cracked open layer by layer and disappeared from Blayd's hands.

"Sir, since you have sworn an inner demon oath, you may come with me," Zen said with a smile.

When the chain broke, the long-haired man suddenly stretched out his muscles before rushing out. Then, he ran wildly across the backyard as a crazed expression appeared on his face.

"Haha! I'm finally free! I've been locked up for too long! I'm finally free!" The elated Blayd's face was full of excitement. As he ran, his bones crackled and he was brimming with satisfaction.

When the old guys below the dungeon heard the commotion, they couldn't help but feel envious. Though they didn't want to give up the opportunity, they didn't want to make such a serious inner demon oath either.

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