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   Chapter 2077 The Dungeon

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More than half of the strength source of the nine stars in Zen's body had been restored. With his recent rejuvenation, it would be a lot easier for him to conquer the next section of the True Path.

The challenge in that section of True Path was more difficult than the one before. Additionally, there were some restrictions when Bromley set up this path.

Based on Bromley's plan on the arrangement of the True Path, the Sacred martial artists that appeared at every section of the True Path would be a realm higher than the former section.

However, the strength of a martial artist could not be determined with only one's realm as the basis.

The two 'cultivators from remote ages' that Zen had fought before would be great examples. Although they were only world lords, their true strength was even higher than that of ordinary Supreme Lords. Their power was more condensed and mighty for their level.

However, the ancient cultivators did not have any intelligence and were unable to utilize their strength fully. That was why they were so easily killed by Zen. Otherwise, in theory, Zen would not have been able to defeat them. With Zen's current comprehension of various Laws and Godly Ways, he was comparably inferior to them.

It took Zen less than an hour to pass that particular section of the True Path. His strength had been recovered, and he was able to travel much more quickly.

A lot of Sacred world lords had emerged from this True Path. It was also the first time Zen had met the ancient Supreme Lords of the Sacred race. When he encountered the ancient Supreme Lords of the Sacred race, he was puzzled. He studied them with confused eyes.

A Supreme Lord was actually a world lord who had carried a Heavenly Destiny. However, Heavenly Destinies didn't exist in the divine land. Where could they be able to find one to carry in the divine land then?

Nonetheless, Zen immediately got the answer from Saul. In fact, the title of Supreme Lord originated from the Sacred race. Back then, the Sacred race was in the top position in the divine land. Additionally, the power comprehended from the Godly Way Tablets was known as the Heavenly Destiny. At that time, whenever the Sacred race comprehended a Godly Way Tablet, they would seal it immediately in efforts to make themselves the only ones to comprehend it. As such, they would be able to maintain their dominance over the divine land.

Therefore, once an ancient cultivator comprehended the power within a Godly Way Tablet, they would be called as a Supreme Lord. Impressive abilities would be gained by the cultivator even if their realm remained the same.

However, as the Sacred race disappeared for no reason, the seals on the Godly Way Tablets also became ineffective. After that, more and more martial artists comprehended the Godly Ways. Moreover, the number of creatures that managed to become True Gods also increased. The concepts of Supreme Lord and Heavenly Destiny also gradually disappeared. As time passed by, their existences in history and textbooks were forgotten.

Decades afterward, warriors were able to become Holy Beings and constructed their universes. As su

of Holy Beings. If it were to happen, it would be easy for Murphy to shatter Evolutionary Universe since he had a justified reason.

At that time, Mike was not aware that the rules of the Hall of Holy Beings had been changed. Nevertheless, Zen was aware of the changes now and had no qualms about the completion of his plans.

However, the people locked up in the dungeon weren't easy to deal with. Saul could be an example as it seemed that it was horrible for him to stay in the fairy palace. Fortunately, Saul was still able to move freely in the fairy palace and even manage the affairs of the fairy palace. It was hard to consider him as a prisoner.

The warriors in the dungeon had actually been trapped there for countless years. Slowly, their minds and characters had deteriorated and were corrupted over the years. Who knew what their state of mind had become after so many years' imprisonment? Perhaps they had all become lunatics. Zen feared that as soon as he opened the door of the dungeon, they would tear him into pieces.

Everything had certain risks, and that time, Zen was the one who had to take the risk.

As he stood in front of the door of the backyard, Zen became hesitant. He paused for a moment before he activated the heaven token in his hand.


A section of the fence in front of the back courtyard swung open. An entrance appeared for Zen. However, it also meant that an exit just became available for the prisoners.

The instant the fence was opened, a thunderous roar rang out. At the same time, a fearsome aura came from the back courtyard…

The aura was extremely vicious, but the creature that released it was still unidentified.

Zen recognized the aura. A long time ago, he encountered it in the fairy palace. At that time, Saul had told him that it was from a dog kept in the fairy palace.

As Zen stepped into the backyard, he followed the source of the aura. Nonetheless, he saw that there was indeed a dog house on the side. A ferocious beast with a formidable appearance was lying on the ground. The green eyes of the beast stared coldly at him.

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