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   Chapter 2076 Thick Blood

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At the same time, what was happening in the Evolutionary Universe was not to be ignored.

The battle there was getting more and more intense.

"Give up! You know as well as I do that there's no point in struggling!" Mateo howled coldly.

Right then, Mateo discreetly activated some sort of secret technique. Black blood continued flowing out like streams from his eyes. And as the blood gushed, as dark as a starless midnight sky, it rapidly turned into a black, bloody mist before wrapping him up tightly.

Surges of starlight were repeatedly released from Wynn's open hand. The starlight shot out in two opposing directions, turning into a slender starlight ray and shooting toward Mateo.

The starlight was extremely sharp, like the fiercest blade. So much so that previously, when he was fighting with Pranav, Pranav had actually feared it and done his best to stay as far away from it as possible.

Mateo, on the other hand, demonstrated a fearless aura. He stood confidently. As the starlight pierced through the black mist surrounding him, it was instantly swallowed whole.


Mateo grunted, as he repelled Wynn's powerful attack, pointing forcefully at him.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A mass of black mist immediately appeared by Wynn's side. When the black mist came into contact with his body, his expression drastically changed. With a quick twist of his torso, he managed to save the vital parts of his body. The same couldn't be said for his arm and foot though, both of which sadly disappeared into the mist, leaving nothing at all behind.

"I almost killed you," Mateo stated calmly.

Wynn steadied his body. Starlight flashed in his gloomy eyes, and in a matter of seconds, he grew himself a new arm and foot.

The black mist wasn't actually a real mist at all, but tiny insects, no larger than the needle hole. They were known as the Waves Devouring Worms, and they fed on blood energy. They had to live in a life form with powerful blood energy in order to survive.

Mateo used his exuberant blood energy to support a large number of Waves Devouring Worms. If he encountered an enemy strong enough, and it was worth it, he would drive these black worms out to fight.

A few seconds ago, Wynn made nothing but slight contact with the black mist formed by the Waves Devouring Worms. And even so, one of his arms and one of his feet had been devoured. Clearly, these worms were more than just powerful. They were dominant.

Due to this worm controlling secret technique, Wynn was being slowly beaten back little by little. Mateo though, appeared to consolidate at every step, as if victory was already within his grasp.

In this battle between two True Gods, Wynn was obviously at an absolute disadvantage.

In comparison however, the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe were in an even more miserable circumstance.

Before Mateo and Marko intervened in the fight between the Supreme Lords, the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe were still capable of suppressing those of the Sacred race. However, once Mateo and Marko had joined the fight, the situation began to take a turn.

The first to die were n

wood fern, that strike would have easily shattered him to thousands of pieces.

The two Supreme Lords that controlled the Heavens-suppressing Objects had been fighting with each other from the very beginning. It was difficult to determine who was stronger, but as the momentum in the Evolutionary Universe increased, Master Feng appeared to hold the upper hand.

Because of Master Feng's slap, a tiny crack could be seen slithering along the center of the spinulose wood fern.

"Once again!"

Master Feng clasped his hands together. As the Evolution Lotus Flower spun, a terrifying momentum once again flowed into his palms, but he didn't stop there. His greatest desire was to kill his enemy in one fell swoop and shatter the spinulose wood fern to pieces.

After Zen swallowed the Nine-head Snake Blood Pill, he immediately felt the blood in his body begin to bubble and boil. An unprecedented power surged out from the golden blood, flowing crazily in his body as his heart pounded it out at an extremely high speed.

Pound. Pound. Pound.

Zen's heart was beating like a drum. His heartbeat was unexpectedly ten thousand times faster than usual. His breathing accelerated.

It was a known fact that mortals' hearts could beat from three to five times in three seconds.

Warriors' bodies were strong, and their hearts were also abnormally strong. When they reached Zen's level though, their hearts could only beat once in five minutes. At this very moment though, Zen could actually feel his heart beating a hundred times in three seconds.

With Zen's current willpower, he was capable of enduring the pain.

After fifteen minutes, the flow of Zen's blood began to slow, eventually coming to a stop, and his heart also stopped beating maniacally.

Now, Zen's blood had become thick. As his blood and vitality grew stronger, his body's recovery ability also improved by leaps and bounds.

After swallowing the Nine-head Snake Blood Pill, Zen chose to not swallow the Emotion Closing Pill. Instead, he stood up and rushed out of the pill refining room, heading straight for the True Path.

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