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   Chapter 2075 Potent Pills

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With the fire token, Zen had obtained the embryo of the Great Weighty Sword from the weapon refining workshop before.

He hardly expected anything to be inside the pill refining furnace in front of him. He stood there, while trying to gauge the contents inside.

After mulling over, he walked towards the furnace, with the intention of opening it.

Just as he was about to pry open the lid, Saul rushed past him and pressed the lid with his hand, facing Zen. Saul said furiously, "Don't open! Stay away from it!"

Zen was stunned looking at Saul's reaction.

He was well aware of the fact that if the pills in this workshop were all extraordinary, the pills in the furnace would be even more precious. But he was not in need of any of these pills. Until now, he had relied on his own talent and perseverance to cultivate. His excellent shape was the proof of that.

In the meantime, Saul sternly stopped him, "You shouldn't be taking off the lid!"

"Why shouldn't I open the lid? Why are you creating so much suspense around it?!" Looking at Saul's reaction, Zen became even more curious.

Saul pointed to the corner saying, "All the seven times refined pill present here were refined within that furnace."

Zen looked in the direction that Saul pointed. In the corner of the workshop, there was another furnace which looked almost exactly the same as the one in front of him, but it was comparatively smaller. Despite Zen's experience, he was unable to understand the functioning of this furnace. But of course, any furnace used by the Holy Being was way out of the ordinary.

"What is this furnace used for?" Zen asked, pointing at the first furnace.

"Although it's been a long time, I clearly remember that my master used it to refine the eight times refined pills," Saul replied.

"Eight times refined pills? Just one level higher than the seven times refined pills in this room?" Zen didn't care much for the eight times refined pills. He felt a bit disappointed at this new piece of information. "I thought it was for refining the nine times refined pills."

Saul laughed. "Nine times refined pills? Seriously?! Don't even think about it! For what I know, there are only two nine times refined pills recorded in the history of the divine land for countless divine eras. How they were used and who took them are still mysteries even today. So theoretically speaking, the eight times refined pills are the highest level pills within the divine land."

"Then why didn't you let me take off the lid?" Zen persisted.

"The eight times refined pill in here is not bound." Saying this, Saul pointed to the golden cauldrons which were the size of a water cup and contained the seven times refined pills. "Look over here. These seven times refined pills are bound by the medicinal cauldrons, so even if they have souls, it is highly impossible for them to take form. They can only release their souls to roam around the workshop. On the contrary, the furnace here does not have any binding on the eight times refined pill, so the pill may have been tr

ooks like this pill is only made for you!"

In fact, Saul had wanted to recommend the Nine-head Snake Blood Pill to Zen from the start, but as a servant of the fairy palace, he was not in a position to advice Zen. Now that he saw Zen stop on his own in front of the pill, he took the opportunity to give his opinion.

Right now, Zen's body's recovery ability was quite weak.

The Nine-head Snake Blood Pill probably had the lowest value among the seven times refined pills.

However, it did not require Zen's cultivation to be strong or weak. Just by merely swallowing it, he would greatly enhance his recovery ability.

"Good." Even if Saul didn't give his opinion, Zen would have still chosen this pill. Then he reached out and took the Nine-head Snake Blood Pill.

However, just as he took away the pill, his gaze shifted to the other side where there was another seven times refined pill, the Emotion Closing Pill.

"Master, since you cultivate the Emotion Closing Godly Way, this pill is also ideal for you. But your level of cultivation is too low, so you can swallow the Nine-head Snake Blood Pill. However, the Emotion Closing Pill is for a True God who cultivates the Emotion Closing Godly Way. You may not be able to withstand it, if you take it without careful consideration," Saul patiently explained.

Zen smiled slightly and reached out his hand to take the Emotion Closing Pill. "Since the Emotion Closing Godly Way is considered a forbidden Godly Way within the divine land, then this pill is considered a forbidden pill, isn't it?"

"Yes, you're right," Saul agreed.

Ever since he cultivated the Emotion Closing Godly Way, Zen had always relied on malicious aura to suppress his emotions. However, this was only a helpless compromise.

If he advanced to a higher level in the Emotion Closing Godly Way, he would definitely be able to fight against the True Gods from the Sacred race.

With this thought, he reached out his hand and took the Emotion Closing Pill, despite Saul refraining him from doing so.

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