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   Chapter 2074 The Pill Refining Room (Part Two)

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"Why not just go inside?" Saul said with a smile and a gentle expression. "This is what your master has left for you."

Bromley had made some arrangements before he left the fairy palace. After he considered Zen's talents, Bromley expected Zen to be able to make it through the True Path and open the different places of the fairy palace.

Zen nodded his head as he decided to follow Saul's suggestion. The main door of the pill refining room was already open, so Zen walked through it with hopeful eyes.

The moment he stepped into the pill refining room, he instantly felt as if the brown fog around him was a real substance. The fog was so condensed and heavy that Zen felt like he was surrounded by water as he walked. There was even a slight resistance force in this fog that tried to push him out. Additionally, the medical fragrance he inhaled tasted bitter. Zen felt that his nostrils were filled with rich bitterness.

"What's this fog? I can't see anything!"

Due to the obstruction of the brown fog, Zen's vision was very clouded. Irritability began to invade his eyes. Soon, it began to hurt even to look. Pain enveloped his pupils and eyelids. He could only close his eyes and release his soul force to sense everything in the pill refining room.

However, the moment Zen released his senses, he was startled. He noticed that there was a strange face in front of him. The face looked extremely ferocious. Sharp teeth and a powerful jaw armed the face. It opened its mouth and was about to bite Zen.

Zen tilted to the side and dodged the bite. At the same, he tried to counter-attack and threw a kick to the face.


A loud scream echoed, and the face immediately disappeared into the brown fog.

The human face

n in the divine land.

Under Zen's continuous strikes, the strange faces were all destroyed. Soon the brown fog that floated around the pill refining room also gradually dissipated. Although the fragrance of the medicine was still repugnant, its scent had begun to weaken.

When Zen had opened his eyes again, he could finally see everything in the pill refining room clearly…

Although the pill refining room was small, everything was arranged in an orderly manner. On three sides of the room, there were exquisite wooden cabinets. Within the shelves, there were little golden cauldrons that contained medicinal pills the size of eyeballs. The patterns on the surface of these medicinal pills were all different. Additionally, the color and smell of the pills were different too. As different kinds of fragrances gathered together, it formed the extremely strong scent that Zen had smelled before.

However, the most noticeable thing in the pill refining room was the round furnace in the center. On top of the furnace, there was a purplish-gold square lid. The lid constantly moved up and down as if something inside of it wanted to jump out and escape.

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