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   Chapter 2073 The Pill Refining Room (Part One)

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The tokens on the True Path were all given to Zen at random. Unfortunately, he still hadn't received the token he wanted.

The valley token to open the pill refining room was entirely useless for Zen. He had no use for such a thing. Disappointment was apparent in Zen's face.

He casually stuffed the valley token into his space ring and prepared himself to rush onto the True Path once more. Perseverance was seen in his expression as he didn't plan to give up until he got a heaven token.

Saul, who stood at the side, stopped Zen. "Since you have obtained a valley token, I think you can have a look in the pill refining room. This pill refining room has been closed for many years. The first master of the fairy palace must have left behind quite a few good things in that place."

The challenge on the True Path would grow even more difficult with every step. Saul was worried about Zen's condition.

After he heard Saul's advice, Zen pondered for a moment. Ultimately, he took Saul's suggestion to enter the pill refining room.

Previously, when he opened the library or the weapon refining workshop, Zen had obtained a lot of treasures. The rare cultivation methods in the library and the unique materials in the weapon refining workshop of the fairy palace were the best among the various universes. Some of those rare treasures couldn't even be found in other universes. However, it was a pity that Zen could not make full use of them.

If he could find some top quality pills in the pill refining room, it might bring him quite a bit of benefit. Such a discovery would definitely be advantageous for him.

Thus, Zen headed straight to the fairy palace's middle courtyard with the valley token in his hand. Soon, he stepped into the pavilion. His eyes were filled with expectations.

The enormous pavilion had a total of six paths that headed towards different directions. The first pat

with the development of his body. Although there was help from the warm currents, his rejuvenation was not as fast as before. Something must have affected his regeneration.

The dark golden blood was the blood clots that lingered in Zen's body. Even if warm currents were to clear the blood clots, it would still take a considerably long time. The coagulation of the dark golden blood was the reason Zen was unable to recover completely.

After the dark golden blood completely flowed out, Zen could feel a comfortable sensation throughout his body. The previously crazy and turbulent blood energy in his body also calmed down. Calmness and tranquility flowed inside him as if he was finally rejuvenated. Then, Zen slightly twisted his body, and all the wounds on his body closed up again. His regeneration had gotten faster at that time.

"This is the fragrance of the Divine Blood Pill. The fragrance is very potent." Saul appeared behind Zen. He was only a puppet, so he naturally wouldn't be affected by the fragrance.

"Divine Blood Pill! I see..."

Zen looked at the front door of the pill refining room. A faint brown color continuously lingered around the room. The previous aroma made Zen wonder how strong the medicinal fragrance in the room would be.

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