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   Chapter 2072 The Valley Token

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These Sacred warriors looked no different from real people.

The only difference was that they were all created by Bromley using the Dark and Light energies. In short, they were nothing but mere puppets.

Zen, who had already explored the True Path a couple of times, had already figured out how these warriors moved.

The only person on the True Path with his own consciousness was Gus.

Some of the warriors would take the initiative to attack but most of them only reacted when Zen made the first move.

This was exactly how the two ancient cultivators in front of him acted. Neither of them would make the first move unless prompted by an attack by their opponent.

Whenever Zen challenged the warrior on the right, the one on the left would simply stand in a daze and watch.


With the whistling of the wind, the ancient cultivator charged towards Zen once again.

Zen knew there was no way he could dodge but he still tried to move to the other side, albeit with great difficulty.


The warrior snapped his fingers and Zen found himself returning to the place he had been six seconds earlier, as per what was dictated by the Time Law.


He didn't have any time to react as a powerful punch struck him on his abdomen.

An ordinary world lord would find it hard to fight against this ancient opponent, however, Zen was no ordinary world lord. Others might survive these punches, but it might cost them half their lives.

But for Zen, this ancient cultivator couldn't cause any harm to him, and he still had the luxury of making a few mistakes here and there.

"I was right! He can only reverse time to exactly six seconds earlier," he muttered to himself. Though winded, Zen managed to stand up and feel a bit more confident in this fight.

The True Path was difficult but there was surely a way to pass it.

As Zen continued to challenge the ancient cultivator, his opponent simply repeated his trick of turning back time to six seconds earlier. The technique was incredibly precise, not a half-second too much or too little.

It was after receiving a dozen punches in a row that Zen finally got the confidence to defeat this warrior.

"Master, are you alright?"

Saul asked, the worry evident in his voice.

"I'm fine!" Zen roared back with full energy.

It felt as if the True Path was a game set for him by Bromley. This wasn't just a trial of his strength and willpower, but also of his intelligence.


The ancient cultivator charged towards him once again. This time, Zen unsheathed his sword and swung it in front of him.

His target wasn't his opponent, but the empty air in front of him.


do was to kill him before he had any chance to react.

Just as Zen had predicted, the ancient cultivator would only be on guard at a distance of one hundred and twenty feet. The reaction, however, required a bit of time before he launched a counterattack. Giving his opponent no chance to react, Zen's Great Weighty Sword was already crashing down!


The explosion was massive as Zen's heavy sword slashed down with tremendous power.

Although the ancient cultivator was just about to parry Zen's attack, it was already too late.

A beam of sword light cleaved through the ancient cultivator's body and even left behind a long crack that extended into the depths of the True Path.


Saul murmured. He was currently rendered speechless by what he had just witnessed. He couldn't help but wonder what Bromley would say once he found out how Zen took advantage of the loophole and somewhat cheated his way into winning.

It couldn't be denied though that Zen finally managed to pass through this part of the True Path.

As the Dark and Light energies slowly dispersed, Zen once again followed the path in front of him and returned to the starting point.

The moment he landed on the shore, the sky started to flicker. A speck of light slowly floated in the air and fell towards Zen's hand.

As the light reached him, Zen suddenly felt his pulse throb in his throat. What he wanted the most was the heaven token which would allow him to save the Evolutionary Universe. He was extremely nervous at that moment.

When the spot of light finally landed on his hand, he quickly turned over his palm to take a look. Disappointment filled his belly as he realized what was bestowed upon him: a valley token which was used to open the pill refining workshop.

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