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   Chapter 2071 Time

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The two Sacred world lords emitted really strange auras. Their bodies looked old and withered but they were brimming with life.

"Cultivators from remote ages?"

Although Zen was in a hurry to pass through the True Path, he knew rushing would only screw things up.

"They were the first ones to understand the Godly Way," said Saul.

In the early days of the divine land, a number of low-rank races existed alongside the famous Holy Beings from ancient times.

One of them was the Sacred race.

Back then, they were far stronger than the other races.

They were the ones who established the three thousand Godly Ways in the divine land.

When the Creating Axe created the divine land, it created the 3, 000 Godly Ways, which were formed in tablets and scattered throughout the divine land.

Aside from a very small number of Godly Ways that were passed down by Holy Beings from ancient times, most of the three thousand were comprehended by the Sacred race, and were only spread through the divine land after.

Some of these were the Five Elements Godly Way, Truth Godly Way, and Star Godly Way.

Gaining insights was easier for the later generations, but it had cost the forerunners an extreme amount of effort.

The tablets in the divine land were no ordinary Law Tablets, as Zen had found in the Cloud Hall, the Genuine Dragon World, and the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Usually, when a warrior wished to understand a Law Tablet, they only needed to make sense of the law written on it to be able to control the Law Power that lay within. The entire process did not entail any risks.

On the other hand, understanding Godly Way Tablets required one to undergo testing. Those who dared take the test would have their bodies worn down, their souls destroyed, and their inner worlds in chaos.

That was why every cultivator from the remote ages was a pioneer of the divine land. They had a much deeper understanding of the Godly Ways than the Godly Geniuses.

Although these two Sacred warriors were only world lords, they had comprehended the Godly Way, and so could be considered Godly Geniuses. And they were more powerful than the Godly Geniuses Zen had encountered before.

"Master," Saul called worriedly. More of Zen's wounds had reopened causing golden blood to seep through his clothes. "Perhaps you're putting too much pressure on yourself."

Before his body had been tempered by Holy Drew, Zen's ability to heal had been terrifying. However,

As his body shot forward, a sharp gust of wind blew. His sword moved fluidly, and Zen used his momentum to hack at the old cultivator.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"

This time, Zen released the sword light ahead of time.

As the fan-shaped energy spread out, it formed a crescent moon about a thousand feet long, which rapidly swept across the area.

This guy could force Zen back into the past. Could it be that he could also force his strike back into the past?

If that was the case, then there was no need to get through the True Path. Zen could just go home.

As expected, the cultivator did not use the Timing Godly Way again. Instead, he leapt up and dodged Zen's attack. While airborne, he lightly tapped on air and pounced on Zen.

"Want to fight face to face?" Zen's face almost broke into a smile, but just as he was about to accept the invitation, the cultivator dove below Zen, intentionally missing him.

At the same time, a crisp sound was heard. Zen, for the second time, returned to the past and went to where he was six seconds ago. The cultivator from the remote ages had already anticipated where Zen would be, and his fists landed on Zen's face before Zen had realized it.

Thanks to the two massive forces, Zen was instantly sent flying dozens of feet away…

Fortunately, his physical body was not what it used to be.

Because of the Redemption Armor he wore, even a Supreme Lord would find it difficult to harm him.

Zen rolled off the ground and brushed off the dirt on his clothes. He was unharmed, but he was getting frustrated by the minute. He needed to find a way around this fellow's troublesome ability.

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