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   Chapter 2070 Cultivators From Remote Ages

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The grey dot of light continued to fly ahead at an excessively fast speed, but no one still had any idea what it was--not even after Supreme Lord Alyx had died.

All they saw was a trail of grey that was left by the grey dot of light.

However, the grey light circled around once and landed on Marko's shoulder after it had killed Supreme Lord Alyx.

Only then did realization dawn upon Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment and the rest of them. That grey dot of light wasn't light.

It was a bat, but it was also a soul body. However, this soul was at the level of True God Soul, not the level of Gold Fighting Soul. The bat was well-known in the divine land as it was the fastest true spirit--the Flash Bat.

The bat, when with its body, could move at insanely fast speeds, but with just a soul, it was even faster than what was possible. It was no surprise that warriors who practiced evil cultivation methods to refine their souls viewed it as a sacred treasure.

The only thing was, true spirits in the divine land were rare. It was extremely hard to catch a Flash Bat. Besides, if ordinary True Gods came across one, they would feel lucky if they were not killed by it, let alone catch it.

Naturally, Marko didn't catch the bat himself as he couldn't do so. The Soul Searching Flag was originally a treasure that Murphy had used before. It was powerful not because of its flag, but rather the souls that were imprisoned within the flag.

"Are you full?" Marko turned to the bat.

He extended his finger and gently caressed the small creature on his shoulder.

The little bat just nudged his finger with a weak noise.

"You are still hungry? Then continue eating."

Marko had originally planned to collect a few more Gold Fighting Souls for the Soul Searching Flag, but since he had taken the Flash Bat out, he had to let it eat to its heart's content.

The moment he gave the Flash Bat permission, it whirled into a greyish blur before it sped away.

Meanwhile, Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment and the others were already on full alert. However, they didn't have the chance to react when they saw the Flash Bat charge towards them. All they saw was a grey streak of light, then nothing.

These Supreme Lords looked around in search for the bat. Supreme Lord Jamal looked down and finally saw the bat's grey colored trail. "Down there," he muttered. As soon as he finished speaking and before the sound could spread further, the Flash Bat from below flew straight towards his body and came out from the top of his skull.

Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment turned his head and saw a line of grey shoot out from Supreme Lord Jamal's head. Then, Supreme Lord Jamal's senses faded. His eyes began to dim as his entire body silently plummeted downwards.

While Supreme Lord Jamal's body wasn't damaged, the Flash Bat had devoured his soul.

"Get close to me!" Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment shouted.

He promptly ordered Shay and Jace to gather around him. As the three Supreme Lords gathered together, red light flashed from the spot between Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment's eye brows. The Blood Refinement True Thunder shot out.

The Blood Refinement True Thunder turned into a lightning cover which spread out. Countless bolts of blood-red lightning for

dly any difference between the two.

However, Zen knew the fundamental difference between the two.

If the Sacred martial artists in the Murphy Universe were formed from Murphy's life vitality, the real Sacred martial artists seemed to be formed from Dark and Light energies.

Dark and Light energies were formed from the chaotic energy. In that case, who had turned the chaotic energy into Dark and Light energies? The creatures in Zen's inner world had been directly formed from the chaotic energy and didn't undergo the process of Dark and Light energies.

As of the moment, almost all of the Sacred martial artists that Zen had fought were at the cultivation level of a world lord.

Zen faced the continuous onslaught of the Sacred warriors head-on and did not hold back in the slightest.


"Puff puff puff!"

A huge chunk of the Sacred world lords were torn apart and killed. Their bodies dissolved into Dark and Light energies that disappeared on the True Path.

Although Zen had consumed more than 90% of the nine stars' strength source, he had relied on the chaotic energy ever since he had entered the fairy palace. He had continuously transformed it into his strength to increase his power.

Only ten percent of his power was more than enough to kill the Sacred world lords.

After an hour of slaughter, Zen had finally killed all of the Sacred race's world lords.

He looked at the mountains of bodies around him and sighed. "Have I passed?" he whispered.

He currently wasn't in the mood to hone his skills on the True Path. He simply wanted to pass through it and obtain the heaven token as quickly as possible.

As the Sacred world lords disappeared, the Dark and Light energies swirled again and formed two huge black and white vortexes on both sides of the road. The vortexes repeatedly gathered Dark and Light energies and turned into two ragged Sacred world lords.

"The final challenge will still be fighting two Sacred world lords?" Zen muttered. He was slightly baffled, but he thought it was a good thing.

At that moment, Saul's voice rang in his ears once more and said, "Zen, you must be careful. They are cultivators from remote ages."

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