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   Chapter 2069 Gray Light

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As Marko finished speaking, the Soul Searching Flag began bursting with rays of gray light.

The sight brought on some kind of heavy pressure to the five Supreme Lords of the Blessed Buddha Land.

After reaching the level of Gold Fighting Soul, the plasticity of one's soul increased. Ordinary methods couldn't harm a Gold Fighting Soul and some warriors who specialized in cultivating the soul even used their own soul to protect themselves from their enemies—some even turned their souls into weapons.

It was precisely because the Gold Fighting Soul was so strong that when a Supreme Lord fought another Supreme Lord, rarely did either use the power of their own souls. After all, no harm could be done to either.

But the Soul Searching Flag was a supreme primordial weapon—only a True God could activate it, someone who could unleash this supreme primordial weapon to the extreme.

Compared to that of the Supreme Lords, Marko's understanding of the soul was on a whole new level—even if Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment and the others had a Gold Fighting Soul, it was still difficult for them to resist the Soul Searching Flag's gray light.

When the rays of light struck the body of Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, he immediately felt his mind turn upside down because his soul couldn't help but leave his body. The gray light was actually trying to absorb his very soul.

The same went for the four other Supreme Lords behind Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment—Shay, Jamal, Jace, and Alyx.

At this moment, the five Supreme Lords' expressions became twisted. Some rolled their eyes and some had their mouths wide open. Their faces shifted into odd and terrified expressions because their souls were crazily resisting the gray light.

"Grand Buddha Pagoda… Calm my heart!"

Under this constant struggle, Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment blurted out words unclearly.

The Grand Buddha Pagoda set up by the five Supreme Lords was a powerful weapon that could be used for both offense and defense.

The moment his voice fell, the Grand Buddha Pagoda behind them emitted a golden Buddhist light. Simultaneously, waves of Buddhist chanting resounded, as if the gods were softly chanting throughout the sky.

The chant spread far, far away, audible from dozens of neighboring supreme worlds.

And this voice contained the magic power of a divine weapon. Listening to it, one couldn't help but be put at ease. One's entire being grew lazy and tranquil, the mind becoming clearer.

The golden Buddhist light continued to appear on the five Supreme Lords.

Under this illumination, the gray light was somehow forcibly repelled and the eyes of the Supreme Lords grew clear once again. Now, there was a hint of fear in their eyes as they looked at the Soul Searching Flag.

Because Supreme Lords were also living beings, it was normal that they would be afraid of death—the Soul Searching Flag was meant to take their souls away. If the

still continued to increase.

"It's really not worth it."

Marko shook his head. Gathering so many Gold Fighting Souls wasn't an easy matter—Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment's Blood Refinement True Thunder was undeniably amazing. Marko himself didn't dare to test just how powerful it was.

At this moment, the Soul Searching Flag in his hand shook slightly as if there was something within it struggling to get free.

The corner of his mouth curved into a faint smile. "Alright, it's been a long time since you came out last time. It's a good time to let you out once for a while."


As the flag shook slightly, a gray light flew out from it.

It was incomparably fast—after rushing out, it drew a thin gray line in the air with incredible speed. The line was billions of miles long, equal to a crossing of two supreme worlds.

To a Supreme Lord, crossing two supreme worlds with Grand Teleportation was a piece of cake—if they could display the Space Law, then they could easily compress ten billion miles into an extremely short period of time.

But this gray light didn't use the Space Law—it relied entirely on its own speed.

Although the soul form was weightless and its speed was abnormally high, the gray streak of light had taken six seconds to traverse ten billion miles—it surpassed the imagination of all beings in the Evolutionary Universe.

"I didn't make you run that far to get some fresh air. Come back!" Marko shouted coldly as he held the flag.

So after six seconds, it circled back at an inconceivable speed. Meanwhile, it passed through the space between Supreme Lord Alyx's eyebrows with extreme precision.

As Supreme Lord Alyx sat cross-legged in the air, his mouth was falling open and the light in his eyes was gradually fading. The soul in his mind had already been devoured—he maintained his posture as he sank.

Once again, the entire universe shook violently. In the end, Supreme Lord Alyx fell to his death.

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