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   Chapter 2068 Enter The True Path Again

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For the past years, Saul had been in a closed and secluded state for a long while.

His puppet body remained immortal, while his body had a true soul. The endless years meant endless loneliness.

Zen's visit in the fairy palace was the happiest moment of Saul's life.

Over the past decade, Zen had entered the fairy palace several times. Every time he did so, he would reap remarkable rewards. Eventually, his control over the fairy palace grew stronger as he journeyed further along the True Path.

Later on, Zen even let his family stay within the fairy palace, too. Geoffrey, Zen's son, brought a lot of happiness to Saul and Immortal Book. Everyone was fond of Geoffrey's quirky, refreshing youth.

Saul didn't seem to care about what was happening in the outside world, but this didn't make him clueless. He knew about the Evolutionary Universe, and knew that Zen was facing a great test.

Nonetheless, Saul had immovable faith in Zen. He had a firm belief that Zen could not be defeated so easily.

So seeing Zen suddenly appear in the fairy palace, sprawled across the ground, body covered in blood, Saul was drawn with worry. He carefully examined Zen's injuries with gentle movements. Afterwards, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Though Zen's injuries looked frightening, they were not fatal.

As he was a world lord, only his soul and cinnabar field were critical points to look at. As long as these two weren't in too much damage, they could recover quite fast.

Moreover, Zen's physique was already extraordinary compared to others'. He was rapidly recovering, like nothing had happened.

The currents in his body met the wounds all over Zen's body. Some of the wounds were deep and went through a few of his internal organs. But as the currents moved at high speed, new pieces of flesh formed along the wounds to heal his body completely.

Not long after, Zen's eyes fluttered as he regained consciousness. The moment he opened his eyes, a sharp light flashed and he turned over to get up.

"Puff, puff, puff!"

His body resembled a deflated rubber ball, and several blood streams were shot out from his body as he activated his power. Some of the wounds had only just healed, so couldn't withstand Zen's vigorous movements.

"Master, you are still weak," Saul said.

Zen shook his head, unbothered by anything. He twisted his body and used his strength to force the gaping wounds to heal. He said, "Take me to the True Path!"

"Master, you want to go through the True Path once again?" Saul asked.

Zen nodded his head and took a step forward.

In the past, Mike had given him advice and revealed some significant secrets of the fairy palace. He mentioned that there were powerful creatures there, and if he promised to release them, then these creatures could assist him if he ever needed help.

d and instantly descended, landing not too far away from Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment. The two Sacred Supreme Lords were killed without time for them to react.

As Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment saw them get turned to ash, the corners of his mouth curved up into a cold smile. He turned his gaze towards another supreme world where the patriarchs of Thoughtless Minds were trying to break through the Sacred Spirit Array. This was formed by nine Supreme Lords of Sacred race. But despite their hopeful efforts, they were unable to succeed in the end.

If Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment led the Supreme Lords of the Blessed Buddha Land to join in on the war, then the nine Sacred Supreme Lords would possibly have a weaker defense.

The Sacred Supreme Lords perished left and right, mostly because they were outnumbered by the Evolutionary Universe Supreme Lords.

However, just as Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment was about to use the Grand Teleportation technique, a flag suddenly appeared in front of him.

Across its surface was a strange, unidentifiable pattern. In the same moment, he felt a sharp pain go through his soul.

Just then, Marko appeared beside this flag and chuckled at him. "Not bad. You know how to use your own Heavenly Destiny properly. If all of you joined forces, you might have the qualifications to fight me!"

"True God!"

When Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment saw Marko, he got shocked.

And at the same time, Shay, Jamal, Jace and Alyx, the four Supreme Lords of the Blessed Buddha Land, were also in a state of high alert at the same time.

"Haha! There's no need to be so nervous." Marko chuckled. "This Soul Searching Flag of mine is quite precious, and it particularly likes to devour souls. It could devoir your Gold Fighting Souls too. So do yourself a favor, and don't resist. I'll make sure you die quicker if you obey."

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