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   Chapter 2067 Internal Dissension

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Zen, in order to escape into the fairy palace, had used the mountain token. It was his last resort.

On the record, Zen mainly had three methods of escaping. The first method was the Grand Teleportation technique.

However, it would be useless to apply the Grand Teleportation technique in front of a True God. Everyone at Pranav's level would easily block off Zen's Space Law, and even if he successfully used the Grand Teleportation technique, he could only travel a thousand miles at most. He wouldn't be able to escape even from a Supreme Lord at such distance, let alone get rid of a True God.

The second method of escape was to use the Teleportation Token, which was essentially a Heavenly Destiny. This Heavenly Destiny could create a space for Zen, allowing him to freely teleport to any supreme world in the universe. But despite the advantage, the speed he would use for the Teleportation Token was much slower than that of the Grand Teleportation technique. If things came to worst, he might be intercepted by his opponent before he could even formulate the space channel.

The third method of escape was to activate the mountain token, which was a projection of the fairy palace's entrance. For this technique, once he activated the mountain token, he would immediately be pulled into the fairy palace without leaving any sign of the Space Law Power.

Assessing that the first two methods would have a big possibility of having no effect before Pranav, Zen had chosen to use the mountain token.

Aside from his three usual methods of escape, Zen in truth could also rely on Supreme Lord Healum's Space Lock. However, wherever he was sent to by Supreme Lord Healum, it would still be impossible for him to escape from a True God's pursuit. And since Supreme Lord Healum was busy fighting with the Sacred race's Supreme Lords, Zen knew that he had no time to offer him a helping hand during this crucial time. He could only rely on his own ability.

"You want to escape from me?"

Seeing Zen suddenly disappearing from his vision, Pranav's mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer.

He taunted Zen since it would be impossible for him to easily flee. He could reach every nook and cranny of the entire Evolutionary Universe in just one step.

As his eyes glittered with scorn, his powerful soul released a massive mental power that instantly spread out.

He had indeed noticed that Zen had disappeared in a strange way. He felt that not a single trace of the Space Law Power was left on the spot at the time he instantly disappeared. Nonetheless, wherever he hid or how far he had gone to, may it be hundreds or thousands of miles, he did not think that Zen had the ability to escape that far from him.

But at this moment, something made him frown slightly. As he spread out his soul power throughout the entire supreme world to search for his location, he couldn't be traced.

He never thought that Zen was able to escape from the present supreme world in such a short period of time. Not a single sight of his figure nor his presence could be found.


His invisible soul power continued to spread out. This time, it extended its search over the ten supreme worlds around him.

But, he still couldn't detect Zen.

One hundred supreme worlds!

Even a Supreme Lord wouldn't be able to travel over a hundred

One million great worlds.

The endless deep space.

The entire Evolutionary Universe had been completely covered by his soul power.

From Pranav's point of view, it would be impossible for Zen to escape from the Evolutionary Universe.

After scanning every corner of the entire Evolutionary Universe, he was completely caught in a surprise as the perplexed expression on his face became more and more obvious. He couldn't find even a tiny hint of Zen's figure!

"How was it? Did you find him?" Marko, who was sulking on the side, asked. He always felt that Pranav was too serious and often wasted his time on meaningless matters. Was there any good in trying to kill an insignificant world lord?

"No! I can't find him!" Pranav breathed a deep sigh. Zen's sudden disappearance had already exceeded the scope of his understanding.

"This is really weird. Just forget it. After we destroy this universe, the heavens will collapse. All the living creatures in this universe will surely disintegrate and die automatically. That boy will definitely not be able to escape." Marko didn't have a way to figure it out as well but could only try to comfort him.

"But it wouldn't be me who killed him," Pranav replied.

"Is there any difference? Is there any meaning to be so obsessive?" Marko could only shake his head. He really couldn't understand Pranav's logic.

Pranav glanced at Marko and said in a stern voice, "You will never understand the meaning of the word 'meaning.' Therefore, even though your talent is greater than mine and you have more resources than me, your strength will never be stronger than mine!"

But Marko wasn't annoyed at all and only shrugged his shoulders. He was born to be playful and carefree. He would rather die than become someone like Pranav. "Well, we can talk about this later," he said, "but we need to take actions now."

Pranav nodded and then lowered his head. His gaze locked onto the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe.

Meanwhile, at this moment...

After entering the fairy palace, Zen fell face first to the ground. His golden blood slowly flowed through the cracks on the stones. Weakened and bleeding, he seemed to no longer have the strength to get up.

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