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   Chapter 2066 Zen's Sudden Disappearance (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-24 00:12

But the rules of the Hall of Holy Beings stated that it was forbidden for a Holy Being to destroy the inner world of another Holy Being. Without such a rule, the war between Holy Beings would fall into a viscous cycle. The final result, at best, would be both sides suffering great losses.

However, a Holy Being had the permission to start a war between two universes. A Holy Being could make the secondary creatures within their inner world invade the inner world of another Holy Being. But they too had to follow a set of very strict rules. A Holy Being was only allowed to send one True God in to help with a war, and the True God could only be of low-rank.

Once Mike escaped, with severe wounds of course, he had made full preparations. Not only had he arranged one of his disciples within his universe, but he had also made his universe last forever. The other Holy Beings were all amazed by him achieving such a technique. As long as the Evolutionary Universe remained untouched, he'd still have a chance at returning.

That didn't matter much anymore, though. Not long ago, this rule was changed. The number of low-rank True Gods that a Holy Being could send to war between universes had increased from one to three.

It was obvious that this change had been made as a direct strike at Mike.

The Hall of Holy Beings originally had great enmity with Mike. Even if a few of the Holy Beings wanted to speak for Mike, they wouldn't be able to do anything. They could only watch what happened in the Evolutionary Universe helplessly.

Most of the Holy Beings knew very well that the Evolutionary Universe would eventually collapse. When was impossible to tell. When the time came though, one thing was fo

e. You don't even have the Heavenly Destiny, and yet you managed to cut off one of my arms," Pranav said flatly.

"What? This brat cut off your arm?!" Marko, who was standing to the side and watching, was also stunned.

Pranav ignored Marko and continued speaking to Zen in a condescending tone, "You're a secondary creature, thus you're born with a lowly life. You're doomed to being restricted by the heavens. No matter how talented you are, how strong your willpower is, the only thing you'll chase after in your entire life is nothing but a joke in my eyes. Kneel down, and I will grant you a dignified death!"

Once Pranav finished speaking, Zen revealed a dry smile.

Upon Zen's eerie smile, Pranav was overwhelmed with a strange feeling, one that made his heart pound. Clearly this world lord was already in a bad position. What in the hell could he be trying to say with such an expression on his face now?

"Are you qualified to grant me with my death?" Zen asked.

And once these words escaped his mouth, Zen suddenly disappeared, vanishing completely like a miracle, right before Pranav's and the other True God's eyes.

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