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   Chapter 2065 Zen's Sudden Disappearance (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-24 00:03

"Marko, stop blabbing nonsense! What are you waiting for? Just hurry up and kill the old guy!"

As Pranav spoke, he continued his precise control of the five-colored small swords with which he attacked Zen ferociously!

Even Zen, having deployed his Wishing Spell, could only handle three five-colored small swords at most. Every time the five-colored small swords simultaneously shot towards him, at least two of them would break through Zen's defenses, penetrating his armor, leaving a deep, bloody wound on his body.

But because Pranav had now been forced into a corner, he had no other choice but summon another two True Gods for help. Pranav was more than just pissed though, and in order to vent the boiling fury in his system, he loosened his attack on Zen. In other words, as the five small swords drilled toward him, they didn't do so with the direct intention to take his life. Instead, the small, five-colored swords avoided Zen's vitals parts, only leaving a painful lesion behind every single time!

Even though Zen was wearing his Redemption Armor in order to protect his body, the small five-colored swords pierced through to his body with a ridiculous ease. Despite Zen's best attempt at defending himself, he had at least two or three dozen wounds covering his whole body.

Marko, who had just been scolded by Pranav, didn't show the slightest intention of shutting up. Instead, he chuckled and said, "Pranav, might you've taken a fancy to the boy? Since when have you had an interest in this mere little world lord?"

These two True Gods had been summoned here by Pranav. They had crossed tens of thousands of supreme worlds, all the way from the Murphy Universe and entered directly into the Evolutionary Universe to come to Pranav's rescue.

They had believed that Pranav w

eings. Ha-ha! You can do that too."

"The rules of the Hall of Holy Beings cannot be violated. Murphy's actions are not against the rules," a third voice was quick to answer.

"But if rules can be changed at random, wouldn't it be too reckless? This rule that was set three thousand divine eras ago is changed right now, at this critical moment. It is indeed completely unfair!"

"If you have the ability, then you too can also change the rules on the stone slab yourself!"

Numerous voices sounded out, interrupting one another as they argued.

As they quarreled back and forth endlessly, an even more majestic voice sounded above theirs. The voice contained an irresistible aura as it spoke and said, "Stop arguing! The rules of the Hall of Holy Beings are not violated, and no one has the right to criticize Murphy. Have you forgotten the original intent for creating the Hall of Holy Beings?"

As this dignified voice was heard, everyone else quickly fell silent.

A few of the Holy Being were actually quite sympathetic to what had happened to Mike.

With a Holy Being's power, anyone was able to destroy Mike's inner world easily, which, of course, was the Evolutionary Universe.

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