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   Chapter 2064 Marko And Mateo (Part Two)

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Thanks to Zen's valiant effort, Wynn suddenly found himself with a grace period in front of him. He used this time wisely and managed to get himself free.

At first, Wynn had underestimated Pranav's strength. They were both low-rank True Gods, but Wynn's cultivation level was slightly higher than that of Pranav. Logically, he should have prevailed in a battle against Pranav.

The situation took an immediate turn when Pranav suddenly used the Five-element Energy Seal, though.

The Five-element Energy Seal was one of the many mysterious skills of the Five Elements Godly Way. Although there were many True Gods who had learned the Five Elements Godly Way, only a small portion of them were actually capable and competent enough to unleash the Five-element Energy Seal. This was because the skill had special requirements on the user's physique.

Once Wynn had been sealed by the Five-element Energy Seal, he was suddenly overwhelmed with anxiety and struggled aimlessly to break free.

On the other hand though, he also understood that his mistake might actually bring an end to the battle between these two True Gods. There would have been enough time for Pranav to kill Wynn ten times over before he could escape from the Five-element Energy Seal.

That was when Zen had miraculously appeared at his side anew and used the Wishing Spell to hold Pranav back.

Moved with surprise, Wynn seized the moment to break free from the seal.

Thirty seconds might only be enough time for a mortal to drink a glass of water but for Wynn, this was more than enough to save his own life.

With a flick of his hand, five rays of starlight shot out, one from each finger and his thumb.

Although he wasn't the most proficient in the Five Elements Godly Way, he had cultiva

s Great Weighty Sword was scarred by the Five-element Divine Sword and many bloody wounds instantly appeared all over his body. Had his body been any less strong and resistant, he would have already been torn to shreds.

Wynn had successfully struggled his way out of the Five-element Energy Seal and therefore, there was no way he was just going to stand by and watch Zen die.

Just as he was about to take action in assisting Zen though, two new figures enveloped in incandescent light suddenly appeared before him, completely out of the blue. As the incandescent light slowly faded, two individuals with careless smiles on their faces were revealed. One of them looked Wynn up and down, while the other mocked Pranav, "Hey, Pranav, didn't you say that you could handle it all by yourself? Tell us, why have we been summoned, then?" one of the newcomers was asking, chuckling ironically.

These two individuals were known as Marko and Mateo. They were the other two True Gods that came from the Murphy Universe. Just like Pranav, they were also Holy Murphy's disciples. With three True Gods standing against them now, how could Zen and his companions ever hope to win this war?

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