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   Chapter 2063 Marko And Mateo (Part One)

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The Wishing Spell was quite a powerful technique. In fact, when it was used, it could greatly increase the strength of its user in a very short period of time.

This technique had a catch, though. The users were condemned to fulfilling the wishes they had made, otherwise they would never advance in their cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, no one dared use the Wishing Spell unless it was a life and death situation. A battle to the death. Once Zen used this skill, he would have no choice but to kill Pranav, a True God!

Upon Pranav's arrival here, Zen had chopped off his arm with the Great Weighty Sword. Although this made Pranav extremely furious, he didn't have the time or the opportunity to revenge himself on Zen at the time.

However, at the crucial moment when Pranav had reached his limit and was about to go all out to deal with Wynn, Zen suddenly reappeared at his side and interrupted him.

What sent Pranav into a spiraling disarray of emotion was that this basic fellow actually knew how to use the Wishing Spell.

He knew that Zen was a Godly Genius, and the Wishing Spell was a Godly Way that nearly everyone in the divine land would have the chance to learn. However, the Godly Geniuses in this universe rarely came across such an opportunity. Zen had surpassed what was expected of him.

There were no words to describe how Pranav was feeling right now.

"It's you! Again, you brat! Get out of my face!"

Pranav shouted, as he thrust out a hand in an attempt to slap Zen away. He really didn't have the time right now to bother with him.

On Zen's behalf though, now that he had activated the Wishing Spell, he was entering a wondrous, dazzling state of mind.

It was as if everything else in the entire world was left behind,

light as a feather, collided with Zen's Great Weighty Sword, but didn't waver in the slightest.

Instead, it moved smoothly, almost like a nimble flying snake, as it continuously swerved in the air, trying to find an opportunity to close in and kill Zen.

Despite its relentless precision, Zen's reaction and flying speed had also greatly increased. Furthermore, having activated the ultimate sword intent from the Great Weighty Sword, he protected himself perfectly. The power he infused into the Great Weighty Sword was extremely strong, and every time it collided with the small sword, it would send the small sword flying quite a distance away.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Pranav had initially planned to end Zen's life within three seconds so that he could then use his full strength to kill Wynn.

But once again, Zen had displayed a strength that far exceeded Pranav's expectations, forcing him to deviate from his devise.

It didn't take long before a full thirty seconds had passed and Zen was still vigorously waving the Great Weighty Sword in his hand. Zen was trying to turn the tables... if only he could find a flaw in Pranav's attack!

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