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   Chapter 2062 Wishing Spell (Part Two)

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Across the sky it was a tangled melee among the Supreme Lords. To the eyes of the mortals below, it looked to be a free-for-all among the most powerful in the universe.

Zen stared at the sky, searching. His gaze finally landed on his target in the battle zone. He stood behind the chaos, the Great Weighty Sword loosely held in his hand.

There were five shallow finger imprints on the broad blade of the sword. They had been left there by Pranav when he grabbed it with just his hand. Zen's understanding of a True God was rough at best, but the power of Pranav far exceeded his expectation. He wondered what other surprises the True God had up his sleeve.

Glancing over to his left, Zen saw Wynn surrounded by oval shaped stars. Wynn stood at the center of the stars as they revolved around him. Sharp light emanated from the middle of the stars and extended out into points as if they were long spears. He was readying for a fight.

Pranav summoned five eyeballs around himself, each the size of a fist and of different colors. They represented the Five Elements Godly Way: silver for metal, green for wood, blue for water, red for fire, and brown for earth. All were refined from the eyeballs of a five-colored peacock. Zen had never laid eyes on such a weapon before.

Each time the eyes met the other's gaze, a beam of five-colored light would fly towards Wynn. However, Wynn was faster and able to dodge each time.

He had been correct. Pranav, although incredibly powerful, was no match for Wynn. He had a strength and battle prowess unheard of, and was easily able to thwart the enemy's attacks.

The sky roared once again.

Lavender and Zen looked away from Wynn and Pranav to see nine Genuine Dragons surge through the battlefield. They were resisting the array of eight Sacred Supreme Lords, their heavenly bodies easily deflecting spells and weapons. Another roar followed them through the sky, and the fighting stopped for a single moment. The Ancestral Dragon had joined the blood bath, and it changed everything.

A flash of light shot across the sky and then disappeared to reveal the unreachable pagoda. The Buddhist light dimly glowed along the walls of the building, casting an eerie light over the land.

The appearance of the pagoda was enough of a distraction for the Thoughtless Minds to act. They quickly arranged the Star Destroying Array, meteorites streaking across the sky in flames.

Supreme Lord Leroy, Supreme Lord of Oracle, Supreme Lord Mathias, and Supreme Lord Leia began to make use of their own unique talents.

A fierce and bloody battle waged between the leader of the Celestial Position ra


Zen urged. This was what he had been waiting for. A chance at revenge.

His heart stuttered in his chest, the fear Supreme Lord Healum felt clear on his face. He did not wish to send Zen into the middle of a battle between two True Gods. However, he'd also witnessed the hidden strength in Zen and the amazing feats he had managed to perform. Perhaps he should believe in Zen to pull through once more.

Nodding to Zen, he gave him an encouraging smile. Hopefully it would give him enough luck to be successful in this crazy endeavor. It took only a second and very little of Supreme Lord Healum's power, and Zen disappeared from the boulder.

While Supreme Lord Healum had hesitated, Pranav had summoned five short swords before him, each corresponding with one of the eyes in color. The moment he waved his hand, the swords would shoot forward and pierce in the Five-element Energy Seal. As the seal trapped Wynn's Godly Tile, his source of power, he would be too weak to stop the attack. A wicked smile spread across Pranav's face.

Before he could deploy his attack, a force at his back broke his concentration and made him stumble forward. He didn't have time to turn around when he heard a voice ring out, "Wishing Spell!" His eyes widened when he realized it was that brat Zen. "I wish that the one hundred thousand supreme worlds would be eternal. I will do everything in my power and even sacrifice my life to exterminate the foreign race who has invaded!"

Zen had learned to use the Wishing Spell while in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

He had never used the spell as the side effects were unpredictable, and it would exhaust much of his strength. However, he had no other choice now. In order to defeat Pranav he had to use it.

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