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   Chapter 2061 Wishing Spell (Part One)

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Wynn carefully handled Zen, bracing himself to toss him down to Lavender. Lavender flew a few more feet and once she was in the right position caught Zen in her arms. She flew a little further down to land gracefully on a sturdy boulder.

Her face contorted in grief for her man, who groaned weakly in her grasp. Zen had been heavily injured, and she wasn't sure what they could do to help alleviate some of his pain. The fact he had to be thrown into her arms hadn't helped, and she was sure of that.

Lavender knew just who was to blame for this terrible mess. A rush of irritation and hatred lanced through her core at the thought of Margaret. Despite the fact her neck had been snapped, she was still causing trouble for Zen.

However, Lavender knew that Zen irrationally cared for those close to his heart. He was a kind person. She knew if she were to be injured in that way and she no longer were to be alive, Zen would become enraged. Even though that thought warmed her heart, she still believed the man was too impulsive! Too brash.

"How could he be such an idiot!" She hissed, hugging him tighter to her chest. Her voice had been low so as not to disturb Zen, but he shifted as if he had heard her. She attempted to blink the tears from her eyes to no avail as she looked over his injury. He'd fought valiantly and for that she admired him, but her worry was stronger than her admiration. His chest was bloodied and slightly sunken in, his breathing ragged and labored.

Zen had only been struck by Pranav twice. However, the seemingly unremarkable palm strikes had caused insurmountable damage to his chest.

Ever since their return from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, it was the first time Zen had been injured. It had come as a shock to them all.

Lavender could see the energy from Pranav's attack lingering in the wound. It was like a festering sore, attempting to corrode and infect his entire body.

Zen was incredibly lucky to be the person he was. His physique was unique in that it naturally produced the primordial energy. Primordial energy was more commonly referred to as the warm current, and the gentle glow of the current was nearly surrounding Zen.

The warm currents were like leeches, trying to overpower the energy and t

n race and the Supreme Lords had understood that acting first was the best option as well. Zen and Lavender watched in awe as the Supreme Lords readied themselves, and then let loose every weapon they had.

There was no Star Sealing Technique to seal the Sacred Supreme Lords' space, no protection from the onslaught of attacks. After an attack, either side would keep their distance from one another. They didn't need to be close to the other to do damage.

"Crack!" The harrowing sound echoed through the sky.

It was the Space Law cracking apart. They watched as fissures opened up in the sky above the battle.

Those fighting in the sky must have not expected the outcome before, so they all started to flee. As many Supreme Lords escaped across the sky, others teleported to adjoining worlds.

Those that were left continued to fight, using all manners of strange abilities and superior strength. All around them more and more Heavenly Destinies were released.

A rumble rolled across the sky.

The earth below the sky was quivering.

It had only lasted less than thirty seconds, but the battle had resulted in the death of eight Supreme Lords. They had been the ones that were unable to teleport in time.

Five of the dead were Sacred Supreme Lords, the other three belonged to different races. One human and the other two ogres. The deaths were a result of the Sacred race being attacked off guard thanks to Wynn's forethought. It was the only explanation for how easily they had perished.

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