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   Chapter 2060 Broken Arm

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Zen went all out, vehemently venting his boiling hatred by launching a deadly strike.

Nearly a third of Zen's strength source within his inner world had now flowed into his arm.

His current physical body was extremely tough, nearly unbreakable, but despite that, he was still incapable of carrying such hefty power. Both his veins and bones felt like they were on the verge of collapsing. It was safe to say that the rage had got the best of him; he couldn't think of anything else.

And in terms of the other seventy percent of his strength source, Zen had gathered it tightly around his sword by using the Cross-world Theurgy. As he displayed his strength in this way though, he'd lose a certain amount of power which could easily be interpreted as a weakness of the Cross-world Theurgy. Hence, it was clear to Zen that if he wanted to bring the strength source within his inner world into full play, his only option was to make his physical body much, much stronger.

As a secondary creature, Zen had already reached a certain limit in all aspects of his development as a warrior. In many, if not most ways, he had already hit the ceiling and could no longer improve any further. That was, unless he could condense a Godly Tile and control his inner world's momentum. If he could manage that, then he could make a hell of a leap in his development.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"

The Great Weighty Sword began rumbling loudly. The Star Essence Iron was extraordinarily robust, even more so because Zen had fused one-third of the nine stars' power into it. Despite having done so, there was still too much power for the sword to bear alone.

True God Pranav had never taken Zen very seriously. Although the soul pressure Zen emitted was certainly surprising, in True God Pranav's eyes, he looked like an angry little leopard, running around aimlessly. It was true that he had never expected a secondary creature to fight so extensively, though.

But no matter how powerful a secondary creature became, the fact remained that it was still a secondary creature. A secondary creature was only condensed by the life vitality of a Holy Being. Before obtaining a Godly Tile, a secondary creature would simply never have the qualifications to fight him. At least, not without the help of Heavenly Destiny.

Pranav casually reached out his hand in order to simply grab the sword. Regardless of speed, strength, or angle of movement, they were all perfect in his eyes. Once this Great Weighty Sword was within his grasp, he knew there was no way he could let it out of his hand. After all, Zen was just a little lamb, waiting to be slaughtered.

It only took a split second, once he gripped the Great Weighty Sword, to discover that Zen's weapon was extraordinarily sturdy!

A supreme world was as heavy as a thousand great worlds. In other words, this meant that the weight of the Great Weighty Sword was only a thousandth of a supreme world. If Pranav could crush an entire supreme world with nothing but a single stomp, then no matter how heavy this Great Weighty Sword was, never should it have surprised Pranav to such an extent.

What truly made his face contort was the power that exuded from this Great Weighty Sword.

"The power…" was all Pranav could utter.

What radiated from the Great Weighty Sword was a power that he was simpl

and coldly said, "You are, after all, a disciple of a Holy Being, a True God! Bullying a world lord is not what a True God should do!"

Pranav's face was suddenly grim. In his opinion, he could kill Supreme Lords just as he wished, let alone world lords. In this fight though, he had continuously launched several attacks, and yet still failed to kill the boy. In his heart, he was extremely upset.

Whoosh... Whoosh... Whoosh... Whoosh... Whoosh...

That was when countless bloody space cracks began appearing directly behind Pranav.

Within the cracks, one figure after another came into view. The Supreme Lords of the Sacred race had arrived!

Although Supreme Lords could use the Grand Teleportation to instantly cross several supreme worlds, in comparison to a True God's ability in employing the Grand Teleportation, the distance they traveled didn't hold a candle to what a True God could achieve in the same time span. In other words, it had taken quite some time for the Sacred Supreme Lords to arrive, especially coming from the edge of the Evolutionary Universe. The Sacred Grand Supreme Lord took a step forward and walked out of the space crack. When he looked at Pranav's broken arm, he was utterly stunned.

"Sir, your arm... What happened?!"

As the many Sacred Supreme Lords stepped out one after the next, each of their gazes landed on Pranav. In such a short period of time, Pranav had lost his arm. This was far from being good news for the Sacred race!

"Shut up!"

Pranav's face darkened again at the Grand Supreme Lord's question. With a shake of his shoulder, the severed arm emitted dots of light. The light quickly condensed itself and formed a new arm. Despite rectifying this, the new arm was far inferior to the previous one.

As he was condensing his arm, more and more Supreme Lords of the Sacred race arrived at the battle area, each of them with surprise and doubt etched on their faces.

Above the shattered supreme world, the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe stood in confrontation with at least one hundred Supreme Lords of the Sacred race. Both sides knew that a fierce battle awaited them. All they could do now was examine one another, looking each other up and down.

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