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   Chapter 2059 The Hall Of Holy Beings' Rules

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Pranav's sudden appearance stunned Zen, Lavender, and many of the Supreme Lords.

After he broke Margaret's neck like it was nothing, he looked down at the martial artists below him, making the corners of his mouth curve up into a cold and indifferent smile. After carefully examining Margaret's neck, a malicious voice escaped his lips. "She looks pretty good. It's a pity to kill her like this..."

With that, he casually tossed her body to the ground.

Zen's heart raced wildly as he saw her soft body fall like a doll—he could feel the grief pierce his body like a spear.

When he was in the Central Region, she never hesitated to follow him all the way into the Cloud Hall.

After flying to the Upper World, she mastered the powerful sword arrays and searched for him in the large Illusion Battlefield.

Even after going to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, she did all she could to find him.

After her return, Margaret was quickly brought back to the Celestial Position race. Although she really wanted to look for Zen, she had to practice the Gods Killing Sword Array before getting another chance to find him.

In her heart, it was as though nothing existed in the world save for Zen—she barely even had a sense of her own self and cared for Zen wildly.

This woman had chased him with all her might. But compared to how Zen treated Lavender or Letitia, he treated her with more indifference. He often neglected her and perhaps only felt responsible for what he had done to her on impulse in the past.

But at this moment, seeing Margaret's neck suddenly broken like that, he could feel a sharp pain in his chest, nearly making his heart burst.


Without enough time to vent his anger, Zen flew straight toward Margaret and held her in his arms.

Her neck was completely crushed and Zen felt no trace of her life energy. He hugged her soft, limp body and felt loneliness and helplessness wash over him.

Her death was so sudden, shocking everyone there. The Gods Killing Sword Array was of great importance to the Celestial Position race. With her gone, who could master it?

But everyone's attention was elsewhere as they fixated on the young man in black.

He exuded a gentle aura—it was deceiving, as though he had no sense of violence in him. But no one dared brush him off.

The gentle aura was the momentum of a True God. He was a True God from the Murphy Universe.

Such a thought filled everyone's eyes with fear.

"I never thought that a group of creatures formed from life vitality would cause master so much trouble. It turns out that those warriors of the Murphy Universe are all good for nothing," Pranav remarked with a faint smile, hi

d. If the passageway to the Sighing Wall was unblocked, the True Gods could easily travel from one universe to another.

But before Pranav could finish speaking, an extremely violent aura erupted from below him. As it did, a ray of golden light shot towards him while an explosion resounded in the air.

"Go to hell!"

Zen's entire body was covered in dazzling golden light as the Emperor Soul Imprint appeared. Under the frenzied combustion of his soul, his soul power was released without reservation.

Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle, and the others were terrified. As Supreme Lords, they also had the Gold Fighting Souls. But the soul pressure Zen emitted was rather formidable. They had only been affected by the aura and it was that True God who was truly facing the soul pressure.

"Zen, stop!"

Wynn was in shock—he didn't expect Zen to act so recklessly. It was too late for Wynn to stop him.

Feeling Zen's aura, Pranav was rather surprised. Clearly, Zen was only a world lord. How could the power from his soul combustion put any pressure on Pranav?

A True God's soul had stepped onto another higher realm. There, the soul and the Godly Tile had fused together. With the soul's primary divinity, such a soul far surpassed the Gold Fighting Soul.

But Pranav only admired Zen's imposing aura. A look of disdain filled his eyes when Zen rashly charged at him. He then extended a hand towards Zen and spread his fingers. "The secondary creatures are always so reckless, but your courage is commendable..."

Looking down at Zen as he rushed over, Pranav wanted to crush his sword with a single hand and proceed to crush his entire body.

But when Zen slashed at Pranav's palm with the Great Weighty Sword, Pranav widened his eyes in shock.

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