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   Chapter 2058 A Stomp To Break A Supreme World

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The Dark Star was astonishingly heavy.

At a rather terrifying speed, Wynn had stomped down on the star from the deep sky and proceeded to charge into the channel with terrifying momentum.

Previously, the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord had taken advantage of the Murphy Universe's momentum in an attempt to move the Dark Star away, but he still failed.

No one expected the Dark Star to be forcefully blown away by Pranav right then and there.


In the Evolutionary Universe, the Dark Star was blasted straight out of the channel—it drew a parabola in the sky before crashing directly into the supreme world.

How could this supreme world bear the weight of the Dark Star?

The moment it fell to the ground, it seemed to sink until it disappeared without a trace as if it had fallen into water instead of land.

Then, Pranav walked out from the other end of the channel and sniffed around. When he felt the sealing power of the supreme world, he frowned.

The Supreme Lords that followed Pranav into the channel could also feel the strong restraints.

Although some Supreme Lords tried condensing the Space Law, the moment it was formed, the Law Power collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

"I don't feel happy about this…" Pranav said flatly.

Breaking the seal of a supreme world was a rather troublesome task, but Pranav had no intention of doing so.

Extending one of his legs, he lightly stomped on the ground until a mild aura spread out from the tip of his foot.

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

A faint wavy line spread from Pranav's toes until it grew throughout the entire supreme world. Then, the supreme world began vibrating with the same frequency as the wavy line.

In this supreme world, there were also many Sacred martial artists that survived, as well as a great number of mortals.

Just then, they saw countless tiny cracks opening up beneath their feet. Such was not an ordinary earthquake as normal ones caused the earth to shake and the mountains to tremble. If it was a normal earthquake, it would have been violent. But this kind of vibration was rather mild with an extremely high frequency.

It lasted for half a minute before an ear-piercing sound echoed throughout the entire supreme world.

Crack, crack, crack, crack…

In an instant, the huge supreme world disintegrated into hundreds of millions of clumps of earth the size of watermelons as they began dispersing downward.

All the mortals began falling along with the clumps and only a fraction of martial artists who could fly managed to escape the calamity. But, it was impossible for these martial artists with lower cultivation levels to cross a supreme world. Once they exhausted all their life vitality in the air, they fell and got smashed to pieces.

The Star Sealing Technique was used on the supreme world—once the supreme world was destroyed, the technique would follow suit and collapse.

When the Sacred Grand Supreme Lord and all the warriors that fol

e longed for him. But then her gaze went past Zen's shoulder and landed on Lavender.

Perhaps she had sensed the malicious aura from Lavender's eyes. Margaret's own eyes narrowed as she spoke to Lavender, sounding surprised, "Lavender, you've finally found your body?"

It was no secret that women were more sensitive when it came to emotions. From the moment Zen met Margaret, Lavender had always existed as a soul, so she never considered her as a rival. But now that Lavender had a complete physical body, the situation had changed.

Hearing Margaret's seemingly surprised tone laced with ridicule, Zen felt a headache coming on. At such a critical time, what on earth was Margaret thinking?

Just as he was about to chime in, Lavender snorted coldly and turned around, ignoring Margaret completely.

With a personality far from Letitia's, Lavender was a woman of few words. While it was natural that she wasn't fond of Margaret, she wasn't going to argue with Margaret because of Zen.

"Alright, hurry and head back. True God might arrive here at any moment and we need you to take charge of the sword array. Once this battle ends, we'll have time to catch up," Zen gently patted Margaret's back with comforting yet persuasive words. Reluctantly, she finally let go of Zen. The thought of Zen's promise to marry her invaded her thoughts and she gave him a sweet smile before turning around and floating towards the warship.

But just as she floated away, a blazing human silhouette suddenly appeared in the air.

After the Space Law on the silhouette dissipated, a young man in black came into view. It was Pranav who rushed there first. Indifferently, he gave Margaret an indifferent glance. She assumed that the young man was some Supreme Lord of the human race.


Immediately, Pranav's hand shot out like a bolt of lightning. With little to no effort, he grabbed Margaret's neck. Then, there was a crisp sound before he jerked Margaret's head to the side.

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