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   Chapter 2057 Pranav

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The ground shook as the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe charged forth like a pack of wolves.

On the other hand, Zen and the others joined in the fight every time the four swords broke through the golden circle of light.

It only took them less than a few seconds to kill several Supreme Lords. However, the most of the people present quietly retreated when the little golden monkey appeared.

They continued to repeat their attacks until Supreme Lord Denzel was exhausted, to the point that his resistance became useless.

He was frozen like a statue amidst the battlefield as he watched his comrades die and everything fall around him.

Soon enough, the number of Supreme Lords who surrounded the altar began to dwindle—out of twenty-odd, only three had remained.

"I don't expect to die here! This war was already unfair to begin with anyway! You only rely on that True God!" Supreme Lord Denzel roared in despair.

His desperate cries echoed across the Sunflower Water World. Then again, what else could he do?

If Wynn hadn't used the Star Sealing Technique to seal their space, the over fifty Supreme Lords wouldn't have been defeated so miserably. Alas, the Sacred Supreme Lords who were imprisoned in the Sunflower Water World ran around in panic, but they were nothing more than moving targets.

When Zen heard Supreme Lord Denzel's words, he appeared silently in front of the altar once again. At the same time, Supreme Lord of Oracle and Lavender who held on to the Saint Killing Spear had also emerged from the space cracks. Soon enough, the area was filled with numerous Supreme Lords from the Evolutionary Universe.

"You are so shameless to make such remarks. Your Sacred race has invaded our Evolutionary Universe, and it is unfair to us to begin with," said Supreme Lord of Original Sin. Maha had already killed Nathan, and he would never forget that. He clearly hated the Sacred race with every fiber of his being.

"That's right. If you're not one of us, then you're evil. Do you even want to fight us on the battle ring?" Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment sneered. It was known that the wars that broke out between the different races were more than violent and vicious.

Before the Sacred race had even invaded, the human race, the Demon Night race, and the ogre race were already in a never-ending feud. Moreover, they could never reconcile due to their numerous conflicts.

It was ironic because all those three races came from the Evolutionary Universe. But now, they were suddenly united against the alien-like Sacred race. After all, the Sacred race came from another universe that was completely foreign to them.

In any case, all the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe thought that as long as they could preserve their universe, nothing was too taboo in their methods.

Supreme Lord Denzel's gaze drifted to everyone as a deep smile appeared on his despairing face. "There is indeed no fairness. If we die here, you all have to die with us. How could a mere Evolutionary Universe escape from the clutches of our Sacred race?"

Supreme Lord Denzel believed that the Grand Supreme Lord would avenge him. In re

"Ha-ha. It's just a seal formed with the help of the power of the stars. It's just a mediocre skill!" Pranav declared. A small smile appeared on his face as he looked at the blocked passageway.

"Master Pranav, can you make a move right now? Our Sacred race..." Supreme Lord Russell said anxiously. His son and daughter had both joined the expedition team, so it was unknown if they had survived at the moment.

However, Pranav simply glared at him. "There's no need to rush!" he hissed.

"Russell, do not disrespect Master Pranav like that!" the Grand Supreme Lord scolded. "But..."

In the end, Supreme Lord Russell could only keep quiet with a despaired look on his face. The Sacred warriors worked themselves to death for Murphy. As Murphy was the ruler of their entire universe, the Sacred race didn't have the qualifications to reject any of Murphy's requests.

However, that didn't mean that the Sacred race didn't have any opinions or complaints.

While they had to help Murphy disintegrate the entire Evolutionary Universe, what good would that actually do to the Sacred race?

These Supreme Lords overworked themselves to the bone for Murphy, but Pranav, as Murphy's disciple, didn't seem to care about it at all. It was no surprise that the Supreme Lords who were with him secretly had a mountain of complaints to say.

It was useless because Pranav just didn't care. The divine land's creatures thought that the secondary creatures in the universes couldn't be considered real living beings. To them, secondary creatures were nothing more than objects that were formed from life vitality. Thus, they didn't care how many secondary creatures died.

Pranav leapt lightly and entered the passageway of the Sighing Wall.

Then, a light yellow beam of light shot out from the passageway. The light beam was reflected from the passageway and went straight towards the sky.

Right after that, the Supreme Lords heard Pranav shout, "Break!"


There was a muffled sound, and then a stream of air was sucked in. The passageway that connected the two universes was opened once again.

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