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   Chapter 2056 A Massacre

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Just as the Grand Supreme Lord was about to invite Pranav, the heavens of the Murphy Universe began to tremble violently.

The waves of vibrations naturally reached the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race, who stiffened in shock.

It was the first time that the vibrations of the heavens of the Murphy Universe had been that intense. Therefore, it was safe to say that it was a sign that many Supreme Lords died.

From there, it was easy for the Supreme Lords from the Sacred race to guess what had happened to the Evolutionary Universe, which was right next to the Murphy Universe.

At that moment, the Sunflower Water World had been destroyed.

Golden rings of light spread from a huge altar and surrounded the Supreme Lords from the Sacred race.

At the very top of the altar sat Supreme Lord Denzel, who was doing his best to activate his Heavenly Destiny.

He looked nothing like the refine Supreme Lord that he was before. Not only was his golden red armor tattered and full of holes, he had also lost an arm.

He wasn't the only one in bad shape though; the other Supreme Lords from the Sacred race were in far worse conditions.

Five minutes were all it took for more than half of the Supreme Lords from the Sacred race to be wiped out. There were just twenty-odd of them left, and most of them were very weak as they stubbornly struggled around the altar.


There was a slight noise as four beams of light shot from the sky.

Those four light beams turned out to be Margaret's Long Vine Sword, Buddha Emperor Sword, Grant Sun Sword, and Heavenly Tooth Sword!

Long before Margaret was born, the Celestial Position had already been preparing the Gods Killing Sword Array. Now, it was finally put to use.

True to its name, the Gods Killing Sword Array could kill even the True Gods. There was no way that the Supreme Lords would survive from it.

If it had been another day, the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race would have gotten to escape when they had lost in battle because while the sword array formed by the four swords was complex, it would have been impossible to catch the Supreme Lords with Margaret's current skills.

But because Wynn had performed his Star Sealing Technique, the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race ended up being trapped in the Sunflower Water World. Margaret considered them as living targets. The terrifyingly powerful all-conquering divine swords were ready for use, even if she herself was intimidated by their immense strength.

It wasn't long before she had killed nine Supreme Lords.

"Those four swords are coming again!"

"Supreme Lord Denzel! Help!"

"I'll go block those four swords!"

The remaining Supreme Lords of the Sacred race scrambled in fear. The four swords were like death itself and every time they appeared, they took the lives of one or two Supreme Lords with them.

Soon enough, the four swords rushed to the top of the altar but the golden rings of light stopped t

r as he stood on the altar. The life vitality in his inner world gushed into the altar like the sea, and the other Supreme Lords near him did the same. The inner worlds they had worked so hard to build had collapsed, and the creatures in them had dissolved.

Their group of Supreme Lords came to the Evolutionary Universe together, but they had failed to form a powerful array. It was because the elites of their kind had stayed in the Murphy Universe and they were the only ones who were here. It was also why they were at a disadvantage when they fought against the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe.

Fortunately, Supreme Lord Denzel's Heavenly Destiny was extremely powerful, and he could hold on with his back against the altar. If it wasn't for this altar, all of the Supreme Lords would have perished by now.

Several of them combined their efforts and poured massive amounts of life vitality into the altar. Another creature crawled out of the altar, which turned out to be a small golden monkey. The golden monkey flew towards the sky, and then a golden light shone in all directions.

The golden light was as sharp as knives as it scattered in all directions at an extremely fast speed.

The golden light had killed two Supreme Lords from the Celestial Position and the Humanity Alliance before, but it was useless to do the same as of the moment since the Supreme Lords from the Evolutionary Universe had escaped already. Thus, the golden light hit nothing but air.

After the golden light scattered, it condensed into a golden ring of light once again and wrapped around the entire altar, which gave the Supreme Lords from the Sacred race some breathing room.

However, Margaret directed her four divine swords, the Long Vine Sword, the Buddha Emperor Sword, the Grant Sun Sword, and the Heavenly Tooth Sword to appear outside the ring of light.

When Supreme Lord Denzel saw those four swords again, he couldn't help the despair that flooded his heart.

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