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   Chapter 2055 Showing Off Abilities

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Supreme Lord Irvin was able to approach Wynn because of his previous explosive force.

By the time he arrived in front of Wynn, his burst of power had been consumed completely. Supreme Lord Irvin's fist struck Wynn's chest without power and fell away limply. And then, the broken half of Supreme Lord Irvin's body fell away and towards the ground.

Supreme Lord Irvin was dead!

The Sacred Supreme Lords were stunned as they saw this.

They knew that a True God was strong, but Wynn's strength had exceeded even their imaginations. It was only a handful of starlight, but it was powerful enough to easily kill Supreme Lord Irvin. So how would they be able to withstand it?

"I'll fight him to the death!"

"I will freeze the supreme world with frost!"

"I'll risk my life to kill him!"

"With so many of us attacking together, what a True God can do to us?"

At Supreme Lord Irvin's miserable death, the Supreme Lords realized just how childish their previous thoughts had been.

Only a True God from the Sacred race could fight such a powerful True God before them.

Merely defending themselves couldn't possibly mean that they were a match for this True God. If they wanted to live, they had to fight by putting their lives on the line!

Different Heavenly Destinies simultaneously released lights of different colors.

Over 50 Supreme Lords released the life vitality within their bodies at the same time. They activated their Heavenly Destinies to launch one of the strongest strikes that was ever to be launched. But just how terrifying was the power that this strike contained?

Even a True God wouldn't be able to take it head-on.

A faint smile appeared on Wynn's face as he took a step back. He stepped into the door formed by the power of space and as he did so, the door dissipated. He had left using the Grand Teleportation.

The Star Sealing Technique could target a specific group of people. The only ones that were restrained by space were the Sacred Supreme Lords.

It wasn't that difficult for Wynn to kill a Supreme Lord. But dozens of Supreme Lords were charging at him. He knew that he couldn't defeat them all. Not to forget the fact that there were some extremely powerful Supreme Lords who were capable of fighting a True God.

Moreover, his mission was only to lock these Supreme Lords within the Sunflower Water World.

There obviously were others who couldn't wait to kill them and who would display their abilities to finish the Sacred Supreme Lords.

A massive space windstorm exploded in the skies above the Sunflower Water World.

A warship, one hundred thousand feet high and one million feet long, emerged from the space storm. The two sides of the warship were inlaid with densely-packed supreme life vitality jades.

These life vitality jades were not used to provide energy to the warship, but to maintain the four massive divine texture arrays.

They were the Long Vine Array, Buddha Emperor Array, Giant Sun Array, and the Heavenly Tooth Array.

Once the four arrays were activated, the shadows of four huge swords appeared around the warship.


s had already gathered. They stood there, gazing at the supreme world channel in a daze.

Unlike the Evolutionary Universe that had many different races, there was only the Sacred race within the Murphy Universe. It was easy to gather all of the Sacred Supreme Lords.

"Wynn has probably embedded a Dark Star in the passageway. It swooped down into the channel and stuck itself forcibly into it. It's impossible to use brute force to break it!" a Sacred Supreme Lord reported.

The face of the Grand Supreme Lord who was at the helm darkened. "Can't we even travel through space?"

"No, we can't. The other side of the Dark Star has been completely sealed off. It's impossible to use the Grand Teleportation to reach the other side," the Sacred Supreme Lord said, shaking his head again.

"I'll give it a try."

The Grand Supreme Lord was impatient, as if on fire. He realized that he had underestimated the Evolutionary Universe and that they had been too careless in their actions.

They had originally thought that as long as the passage of the Sighing Wall was opened, they would be able to enter the Evolutionary Universe whenever they wanted. Who would have thought that someone would block the passage at such a critical moment!

If they couldn't make a move to reinforce in time, the 50-odd Supreme Lords that had been sent into the Evolutionary Universe would be doomed.

Not long after the Grand Supreme Lord entered the passageway, a gentle aura erupted from inside. When the Supreme Lords outside the passageway felt this aura, they understood that the Grand Supreme Lord had used the Heavens-suppressing Object. He wanted to take advantage of the Murphy Universe's momentum to open up the passage.

It was not long before the Grand Supreme Lord emerged from the passageway, looking dejected. It was pretty obvious that he had failed.

"We can only ask Pranav for help."

Pranav was the True God of the Murphy Universe, who was also Murphy's disciple. Holy Beings only allowed their most trusted people to enter the universes they had built on their own.

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