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   Chapter 2054 Trapped (Part Two)

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Of course, most of the Sacred Supreme Lords stayed calm and composed…

"Don't panic," Supreme Lord Denzel calmly said. His tone was gentle yet full of authority.

"Humph, although I don't know what sort of method they used, it won't be easy to take us down either." Supreme Lord Irvin, who was on the other side, looked sullen. He was one of the most bloodthirsty Supreme Lords of the Sacred race, and he was already ready to fight. Murderous aura radiated from him.

Supreme Lord Palmere was the calmest of the Supreme Lords. "We might not have to fight to death with them. Our Grand Supreme Lord must have known about this. We just need to resist for a while before he comes. Just buy some time until our reinforcements arrive..."

Amongst all the Supreme Lords, Supreme Lord Palmere's analysis was the most accurate. His tone was calm and tranquil.

Wynn had used the Star Sealing Technique and the Dark Star to completely block the passage to the Sighing Wall. However, it wouldn't last long. The Supreme Lords he trapped only needed to survive for a short time and wait for the Sacred race to break through the passage again. The reinforcements of the Sacred race would eventually come and rescue them.

Supreme Lord Palmere's words received the vast majority of the Supreme Lords' approval! Their panic faded as they had a clear solution to their problem.

"Let me see if you can survive until then!"

A mysterious and powerful voice rang out! Then, not too far away from the Sacred Supreme Lords, an orderly Space Law burst out. The Space Law drew out a blazing white line and two vertical lines in the air. Afterward, a square door was formed!

The door opened, and an old man suddenly appeared in front of the Sacred Supreme Lords. The old man's aura radiated immense strength.

When Supreme Lords used the Grand Teleportation, they needed to tear open spa

t the Seven Killings Way wasn't a Godly Way. It was not as powerful as the Emotion Closing Godly Way, nor was it viewed as a forbidden way within the divine land.


Supreme Lord Irvin charged at Wynn with incredible momentum. Rage and ferocity were in his eyes. However, Wynn's expression remained incomparably calm.

At that moment, Wynn casually waved his hand. Suddenly, a handful of faint starlight appeared in his hand. The dots of starlight were like tiny fireflies that flew towards Supreme Lord Irvin immediately after they appeared…

The faint starlight was ignored by Supreme Lord Irvin. Barbarity had clouded his judgment. He didn't even have any intention to dodge it.

However, the moment the dots of dim starlight touched Supreme Lord Irvin, they turned into balls of light the size of a fist. Power immediately radiated from each of the dots…

The balls of light exploded at the chest of Supreme Lord Irvin with destructive intensity. The moment they exploded, the balls of light had thoroughly destroyed Supreme Lord Irvin's body. When he arrived in front of Wynn, Supreme Lord Irvin's entire body had been already broken into two pieces by the starlight. The cinnabar field in his belly had been utterly obliterated.

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