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   Chapter 2053 Trapped (Part One)

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The Supreme Lords were divided into three ranks, top-rank, mid-rank, and low-rank. However, the division of ranks was not based on one's cultivation level.

Strictly speaking, the cultivation level of Supreme Lords was equal to that of grand world lords. After their respective inner worlds had expanded several times, they would gradually come to a standstill. What truly made Supreme Lords surpass the world lords were their Heavenly Destinies.

Therefore, the difference among the top-rank Supreme Lord, the mid-rank Supreme Lord, and the low-rank Supreme Lord lay in the distinction of the power of their Heavenly Destinies. Instead of cultivation level, the strength of their Heavenly Destinies would be the basis of a Supreme Lord's rank.

Supreme Lord Denzel's Heavenly Destiny actually possessed the 'summoning' ability. That sort of Heavenly Destiny was one of the weaker types. Amongst Supreme Lords, Supreme Lord Denzel was ranked near the bottom. With his ranking in consideration, he wouldn't even be qualified to become a mid-rank Supreme Lord!

However, Supreme Lord Denzel was still able to become a top-rank Supreme Lord because of the unique nature of the altar. Its immense power and mysterious ability had guided Supreme Lord Denzel to climb the ranks.

The wild beasts of Sacred race that were summoned from this altar were all destructively mighty. The strength of every single wild beast was comparable to that of a low-rank Supreme Lord. The special abilities some Sacred wild beasts possessed could even be similar to the Heavenly Destinies of mid-rank Supreme Lords. It only meant that Supreme Lord Denzel had access to such a mighty army of beasts!

For example, the beast that was directly trampled into pieces by Master Feng, was also a formidable and fierce beast.

If Zen fought it one on one, he might not necessarily gain the upper hand. The beast was strong enough to survive a fight with Zen.

However, at that moment,

Since then, he had hidden deep underground for many years. The Grand Teleportation had ensured his escape and preserved his life.

However, Wynn was a True God, after all! His power was definitely stronger than the Supreme Lords.

After he used the Star Sealing Technique, even a True God would find it difficult to break free from it. It would be even much tough for the Supreme Lords that were present there. With Wynn's technique, all of them were trapped there. There was no way for them to retreat!


Dozens of Sacred Supreme Lords hurriedly activated Greater Teleportation with great panic. However, before the space channels created by the Grand Teleportation could take into shape, they were immediately disintegrated under their feet…

"Oh, no, crap! Those bastards! The space around us has been sealed!" a Supreme Lord said in a daze. Terror was apparent from his expression.

"How is this possible? Who has the ability to seal off our space?!" another Supreme Lord said in disbelief as his eyes widened

"It must be a True God!"

The Supreme Lords of the Sacred race were usually arrogant, haughty, and calm. However, in a life and death moment, a small portion of them revealed their true nature. They were flustered as they didn't know how to deal with their predicament.

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