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   Chapter 2052 Stall For Time (Part Two)

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The expression on Wynn's face remained calm. With a light stomp on the Dark Star, he moved like the wind. After his withered fingers lightly tapped on the air, an invisible force spread out...

The world lords from Sacred race noticed that the situation was unfavorable. Just as they were about to employ the Grand Teleportation technique to flee from the scene, they discovered that the entire space had been locked down. There was no way to use the Grand Teleportation technique in this supreme world! Escape would be tough for their low levels of cultivation.

"Puff, puff, puff, puff..."

The invisible force instantly crushed the dozens of world lords of the Sacred race present. They didn't even have the time to scream before all of them had perished! Corpses were all that was left after Wynn's attack.

After he murdered the weak world lords, Wynn didn't linger in the area. He stepped out, instantly left the supreme world, and flew towards the center of the universe. The Sunflower Water World was his planned destination, so he rushed towards there.

The rest of the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race were hidden in the Sunflower Water World. At that moment, Wynn wanted to use the Star Sealing Technique to seal the Sunflower Water World. If he didn't do that, then it would be impossible for Wynn to kill all of the Supreme Lords within a short period. After all, it was easy for a Supreme Lord to cross over several supreme worlds through the Grand Teleportation technique and escape.

When Wynn sealed the passageway, the Sacred race had also begun to take action.

After Maha died, a shadow of a massive altar descended into the Sunflower Water World...


The enormous altar, which had initially been just a shadow, had begun t

y managed to cultivate the Profound Cause-eliminating Technique at the current stage. His current level would make his attacks ineffective towards the monsters.

Those beasts of remote ages were born from a cause, and they were actually regarded as the "effect". Zen needed to master the Profound Effect-eliminating Technique first so that he could possess the power to exterminate the monstrous beasts.

Just as the monster with the tiger's head and bull's body was about to pounce towards Zen, its attack was stopped!

A thin and small figure suddenly appeared in the sky and directly in front of Zen. He quickly stepped on the monster. Within a blink of an eye, the monster was trampled into pieces!

"So powerful!"

Zen's heart skipped a beat. When he saw clearly who the figure was, Zen recognized that he was actually the head of the Celestial Position race, who carried an Evolution Lotus Flower!

The head of the Celestial Position race, Master Feng, chuckled with arrogant eyes. "The monster with a tiger's head and the one with a chicken's head are two of the four legendary vicious beasts of the Sacred race. However, they are not that powerful at all!"

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