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   Chapter 2051 Stall For Time (Part One)

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Supreme Lord Wilbur had already foreseen the might of the Dark Star ahead of time. The enchanted barriers laid out by him had been broken even before he could have made any reactions.

Supreme Lord Wilbur's enchanted barriers were combined with the enchanted barriers that the other Sacred world lords had arranged. All of those barriers were obtained after the activation of the divine textures. Even the most powerful Supreme Lord wouldn't be able to break it in such a short time...

However, those enchanted barriers were immediately torn apart when the Dark Star descended. The Dark Star's powerful momentum made the sturdy barriers to become suddenly fragile.


Supreme Lord Wilbur's eyelids twitched with disbelief. He felt an immense sense of danger and wanted to use the Grand Teleportation technique to flee.

However, the moment he used the Grand Teleportation technique, he felt that the space around him suddenly froze. No matter how many times he tried to activate the Space Law, he couldn't tear the space around him apart at all!

A Supreme Lord's comprehension of the Space Law should have already reached an extremely high level. However, the space around Supreme Lord Wilbur was actually locked down by someone!

Maha could have used the Grand World Technique to change the Space Law. Aside from him, only a True God would be able to lock down the space around a Supreme Lord!

The True God of humankind had made his move!

As that miserable thought flashed through Supreme Lord Wilbur's mind, he saw an old man on top of the Dark Star. The old man stood formidably and coldly stared down at Supreme Lord Wilbur, as if Supreme Lord Wilbur was already a dead man.

Aside from Supreme Lord Wilbur, who was unable to escape from that pla

ly Genius, Maha, were sent to the Evolutionary Universe. Countless other world lords also went there, but they could be ignored as they were not that powerful. But, of these 59 Supreme Lords, three had already been killed by Zen. Additionally, Wynn had killed one more Supreme Lord earlier. Thus now, there were only 55 Supreme Lords left. The forces of the Sacred race had continued to decrease.

The reason why Wynn had blocked the passageway at the current stage was that he wanted to buy time. He wanted to ensure that the head of the Celestial Position race would use the destructive methods to kill 55 Supreme Lords in the shortest time possible...

After Wynn sealed up the passageway, some of the world lords of the Sacred race, who were lucky enough to survive, were covered in dust and grime. They were stunned as they glanced around, ignorant of what had just happened. Their confusion was apparent in their faces.

"Who is that old man? What is he doing here?" a world lord from the Sacred race asked with bewildered eyes. His tone was filled with curiosity and confusion.

No one could answer his question. The other world lords were also ignorant of the events.

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