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   Chapter 2050 Counterattack

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Hiding in the shadows were the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race, also feeling extremely conflicted in their hearts.

Because Maha had always been considered the leader of their Sacred race's expedition team, all their decisions and strategies were left to him.

He had challenged the geniuses in the Sunflower Water World to suppress the momentum of the Evolutionary Universe. Now, not only was he unable to suppress the momentum, he had even lost his life in the battle.

The Sacred race had made sufficient preparations before Maha set off. Even if he died there, he would still be brought back to life. His father, the Grand Supreme Lord, had prepared another precious body for him.

But to the entire Sacred race, it was an unprecedented setback.

Because of this, the Sacred race's previous plan had been disrupted completely. Even the wise Supreme Lords didn't know what to do next.

"Zen must die," Supreme Lord Denzel said seriously.

Amongst all the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race present, only Supreme Lord Denzel was a top-rank Supreme Lord.

Now that Maha had been killed, he was the only one left with the right to speak up.

Supreme Lord Denzel and Maha never had a very good relationship. But the matter of their Godly Genius being killed was no small matter. It was impossible for them to allow Zen to leave just like that.

"But should we make a move now?" Another Supreme Lord seemed hesitant.

The fact that Zen had killed three Supreme Lords in the blink of an eye gave them quite a shock. It was natural that these Supreme Lords felt a sense of fear and cowardice—none of them wanted to be Zen's fourth kill.

"Humph! Don't forget our goal. We originally wanted to force the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe to fight with us. Now that Maha is dead and Zen is still in the Sunflower Water World, we'll deal with Zen there. Do those cowards dare to make a move now?" Supreme Lord Denzel said with a sneer. "Zen's methods may be strange but in the end, he's still just a world lord. I saw that he killed Barrie and the rest by relying solely on that strange cyan light on his sword. All we need to do is avoid it. But none of you even have a little courage. I feel quite bad for Holy Murphy for having bestowed the Heavenly Destinies upon you cowards."

Supreme Lord Denzel made his thoughts quite clear.

Although Maha's death was a major setback, it hadn't actually been a major blow to the Sacred race. At most, it increased the momentum within the Evolutionary Universe. At this moment, if a decisive battle broke out, the Sacred race's reinforcements would arrive soon.

Such wasn't what the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe hoped to see. The Sacred race had so many Supreme Lords. Were they really afraid of Zen?


eyes. The star could absorb the surrounding light, concealing itself completely in the dark void.

But at the moment, Wynn controlled the Dark Star. It fell extremely quickly, forming a circle of dark red flames as it rubbed against space at a high speed.

The other martial artists of the Sacred race also noticed the strange phenomenon in the sky. Some began reporting to Supreme Lord Wilbur.

Soon, a middle-aged man clad in a blue robe flew into the air. He was Supreme Lord Wilbur, the one responsible for protecting this place.

When he looked up, his eyes seemed cautious. He noticed that the falling star was no ordinary thing, so he stretched out his hand and a thin, square-shaped plate appeared above his head. The moment the thin plate appeared, it began to spin rapidly.

In an instant, enchanted barriers appeared around the Supreme Lord one after another.

Supreme Lord Wilbur's enchanted barriers were extremely powerful. The faint curtains of light were enough to resist Supreme Lords' attacks.

These enchanted barriers formed quickly, covering everything within a hundred miles.

Besides the enchanted barriers Supreme Lord Wilbur personally set up, the other warriors of the Sacred race also activated all sorts of divine textures, shining with all sorts of colors until there were abundant defensive enchanted barriers around them.

The entire process took around ten seconds—clearly, the Sacred race was well-prepared.

But how could blocking Wynn's carefully-planned attack be so easy?

The mass of the Dark Star was already frightening enough. After Wynn activated it, it came crashing down so quickly—its hidden powerful was unimaginably terrifying.


When the Dark Star was still several dozen miles from the ground, the pressure it emitted caused a bend in Supreme Lord Wilbur's enchanted barriers.

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