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   Chapter 2049 Kill Supreme Lords In A Row

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Zen's sword only slashed at air before Supreme Lord Barrie.

The Great Weighty Sword did not make direct contact, but the Causality Breaking Light entered Supreme Lord Barrie's body.

The latter paid no mind to Zen's attack at all.

When he activated the immortal Highly Toxic Body, even a mid-rank or a top-rank Supreme Lord would find it difficult to kill him. All they could do was continuously expel him—such was to say that the current Supreme Lord Barrie was practically invincible.

But as the cyan light on Zen's Great Weighty Sword flashed by, something unexpected happened.

Supreme Lord Barrie's Highly Toxic Body instantly faded from the surface of his body and the black layer disappeared without a trace. His body then returned to its original form.

Supreme Lord Barrie was also stunned—in actuality, he didn't do anything and only blankly looked at Zen, at a loss as to what to do.

"Go to hell!"

Zen's first sword strike had severed Barrie's Heavenly Destiny while his second strike directly landed on Barrie's head.

Under the Great Weighty Sword's heavy pressure, Barrie's head was sliced into pieces before his headless corpse fell towards the ground.

And so, Zen killed the first Supreme Lord of the Sacred race.

"I can't believe my eyes!"

"Zen killed a Supreme Lord of the Sacred race in a single strike!"

"What's with that cyan light?"

Within the Dead Water World, the many Supreme Lords from the Evolutionary Universe were no longer able to hold themselves back.

According to Master Feng, if the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race chose to act at this time, they would provide assistance immediately. But Master Feng gave no reaction—he merely stared at Zen in the Sunflower Water World, his eyes revealing an indescribable expression.

In the blink of an eye, Zen had killed a Supreme Lord of the Sacred race, stunning all the rest. No one could understand what technique he had just used.

Zen's eyes were as calm as ever. As he looked at Maha, an idea suddenly came to him. He wasn't in a hurry to kill this Godly Genius but rather to use the Great Weighty Sword to strike Maha's forehead. A massive power poured into his head, severely injuring Maha's soul, putting him into a coma.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Immediately afterward, another blood-red space crack appeared not too far away.

As soon as the figure in the crack was revealed, Zen pulled Maha forward, the Great Weighty Sword in his hand swinging out once more.

Two slashes!

With the first sword attack, Zen cut off the Heavenly Destiny of the Supreme Lord using the Causality Breaking Light.

The second sword strike was filled with boundless power. With the power of the Great Weighty Sword, it crushed the Supreme Lord heavily.

It was quite a pity that before Supreme Lord Noel could even say anything,

dn't carefully distinguish the difference in their strength.

But all they needed to know was that Zen had killed three Supreme Lords.

When the ogre world lord's voice was transmitted throughout the entire universe, Master Feng felt the Evolution Lotus Flower in his hand suddenly sink. The momentum in the Evolutionary Universe had increased twofold.

The momentum of the universe was constantly changing. After the invasion of the Sacred race three years ago, the momentum of the Evolutionary Universe continued to weaken. Before Nathan was killed, it had weakened to a fifth of its original state.

Because of Nathan's death, it suddenly rose to the same level as it had been before the invasion of the Sacred race. Now it even rose to the peak.

Such meant that all the living creatures within the Evolutionary Universe were quite optimistic about Zen.

Now, the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race no longer dared to act so rashly.

Before Zen, their lives could be harvested in an instant, it seemed.

It wasn't that they lacked any way to deal with him. Zen had ambushed the three Supreme Lords when he killed them, after all. If the Supreme Lords managed to keep a certain distance from Zen, they could stay safe.

But the strange method Zen had used was intimidating, to say the least.

"Isn't this Maha your Godly Genius? Not a single Supreme Lord of the Sacred race dares to take him away?" As Zen said it, a relaxed smile remained on his face. He used the Roaring Token to utter the words.

But he gained no reply from the Supreme Lords.

"If that's the case, I won't show him any mercy." Then, a fierce light flashed in Zen's eyes as he tossed the unconscious Maha away like he weighed nothing. The Great Weighty Sword slashed at him while his body had lost any form of protection. Under the impact of such fierce power, Zen's sword sliced him into pieces.

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