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   Chapter 2048 The Branch Was Broken

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Back then on the path of heavens, Zen's father had given him several methods to expand his inner world.

There were several ways to do so. One of them was to incorporate more life vitality into the body, and then gradually expand the entirety of the inner world.

Most people adopted this specific method as it was the most reliable. However, this method also resulted in the slowest speed of expansion.

While others needed to include the life vitality to execute this method, Zen needed to incorporate chaotic energy.

During this period of time, he had tried to increase the speed at which the World Tree absorbed the chaotic energy to expand his inner world. To his disappointment however, the effects weren't as apparent as he had expected.

Another method to expand one's inner world was to use brute force.

Although the inner world might end up weak if one used this method to break it and rebuild it, the foreign force that would be channeled to the inner world could break through the inner world's boundaries in a short period of time. Thus, the desired effect of expansion would be achieved.

However, there were devastating consequences for the lives that resided in the inner world. Therefore, a person who chose this method should make the necessary preparations before taking their plan into action.

Now, Zen had currently used the second method.

The difference was that Zen did not draw the spinulose wood fern's power to his inner world himself, and the power was too overwhelming.

At that moment, Zen felt as if his inner world was about to collapse from the power.

Yet, his inner world had expanded tenfold and had managed to stabilize itself, preventing its collapse.

After the ten thousand eight hundred Sanskrit words had stabilized, they quickly released beams of golden light which then crossed Zen's inner world. They converged continuously to the center until they had gradually formed a golden pillar of light.


At that point, the golden pillar of light soared into the sky and merged with the killing power.

The pillar of light crashed against the killing power and in the end, had extinguished the killing power. It continued to expand in the air until it had quickly reached the height of the nine stars, passed the height of the Godly Plate, and shot itself directly towards the inner world's peak.

A slight heat warmed Zen's elixir field; then he felt a scorching hot sensation. A beam of light the size of a thumb immediately hit the spinulose wood fern.


The golden light beam was instantly submerged into the spinulose wood fern, which subsequently stopped spinning. Then, it quietly floated in the air without making any movements.

Not too far away stood an astonished Maha, who couldn't understand what had just happened. Just what was that golden light that came out from Zen's elixir field? Why had he lost his connection with the spinulose wood fern?

And most importantly, why was Zen still safe and sound

pportunity to kill him. Moreover, he would never pity a woman from another race.


Zen's fist landed on Connie. How would her body withstand his heavy punch? There was a loud, mournful cry, and a figure limply fell down like a piece of cotton. The power of Zen's punch was enough to kill Connie.


At the same time, a blood-red space crack exploded around Maha, from which a majestic aura poured out. It was Supreme Lord Barrie, who had used the Grand Teleportation as well to appear beside Maha and protect him.

Supreme Lord Barrie worked for Maha and would do anything the latter told him to do. Therefore, he couldn't just sit and watch Maha get killed in front of him.

When Supreme Lord Barrie appeared, he immediately activated his Heavenly Destiny.

Just then, a sizzling sound was heard.

The moment Supreme Lord Barrie had appeared, his whole body was pitch black; but it glimmered under the light. This was the Heavenly Destiny he carried—the Highly Toxic Body.

The Highly Toxic Body was able to unleash a strong power in a short period of time, which allowed him to be immortal. Furthermore, his strength and the toughness of his body were both increased by several dozen times. In this way, an ordinary Supreme Lord would not be able to do anything to him. He didn't think Zen could deal with him. After all, Zen was a mere world lord.

"I said fuck off!"

Zen was already anxious to kill Maha, and punched the Supreme Lord who had appeared square in the gut.


His supposedly tremendously powerful punch seemed to have turned into a pillow of feathers; it actually failed to harm or damage Supreme Lord Barrie.

"Hahaha!" Supreme Lord Barrie's lips stretched into a complacent smile. He knew that Zen wouldn't be able to hurt him.

But just as he was laughing out loud, he saw Zen lift up the Great Weighty Sword in his hand. A layer of misty light flickered endlessly on the Great Weighty Sword as he swung it towards Supreme Lord Barrie.

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