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   Chapter 2047 Expansion

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Now that the Celestial Position's plans had been set, every Supreme Lord present would have a chance to exhibit their actual strengths.

Nathan was already dead. If Zen also died, the momentum of the Evolutionary Universe would only get weaker. It was something that the head of the Celestial Position race, Master Feng, had clearly felt.

It was known that Maha had only used a small portion of the Murphy Universe's momentum to activate the spinulose wood fern. While it was no doubt impressive, Master Feng had actually thought of using the Evolution Lotus Flower to swallow it by force.

However, he refrained from doing so.

It wasn't that he didn't care about Zen's life. In fact, Master Feng knew very well that besides Wynn, Zen was the most important.

It was because Zen's mission wasn't just in the universe alone. His future was in the divine land. Furthermore, the Evolutionary Universe could only survive after Zen had resolved Mike's contradiction.

The only thing was that the Evolutionary Universe had to successfully resist the Sacred race's attacks.

If Master Feng had made a move now, the Sacred race would definitely counterattack. It was certainly not a wise decision to start a battle too quickly.

The Supreme Lords of the Sacred race weren't the only ones keeping watch on the war. Their race's True God lurked around as well. However, it was Wynn who needed to deal with them. But if he hadn't even taken action up until now, then Master Feng definitely wouldn't be reckless either.

The inky black sky glittered with twinkling stars. One dim star among them rotated slowly.

At the bottom of the dim star sat Wynn. His eyes drifted towards Zen, who was hundreds of millions of miles away from him.

"I didn't expect that the Sacred race would use the Heavens-suppressing Object on their first attack," Wynn said with a shake of his head, a trace of helplessness reflected in his eyes. He couldn't help Zen at this point. Therefore, Zen had to face Maha and the Heavens-suppressing Object on his own.

"I hope Zen could win and survive with his own strength..." Wynn mumbled. Meanwhile, Zen stood with a troubled look on his face.

He felt a great pressure weigh him down as the spinulose wood fern suddenly pressed itself hard against him.

This pressure was far beyond his imagination!

In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Zen had seen and felt the auras of both Holy Jay and Holy Drew.

Their auras weren't unique to Holy Beings alone. A warrior who had become a True God could have it as well. It was the indistinct momentum that came from one's inner world.

However, the momentum of the inner world was also divided into different levels. Wynn's own momentum was far inferior to that of a Holy Being. It would be difficult for Zen to sense it unless he released it

e wall.

Yet as the killing power continued to condense, it expanded even further.

It wouldn't take long before the boundary wall would become unstable. At the same time, the 1, 080 Sanskrit words began to vibrate non-stop.

"This is bad..."

Zen's heart beat erratically in his chest when he felt the changes in his inner world.

With the help of the Redemption Armor, his physical body could still withstand the killing force. However, it seemed like his inner world couldn't hold on any longer.

Suddenly, the golden Sanskrit words in his inner world glowed brightly.


The Sanskrit words began to rotate rapidly.

Each golden Sanskrit word began to split into two golden Sanskrit words, then the two became four, and the four became eight. Finally, each of them was divided into many, and then the words started to fly away from the boundary wall.

Having lost the support of the golden Sanskrit words, the inner world was now extremely fragile.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

Soon enough, the boundary wall crashed like an eggshell that was under a heavy rock!

All the color from Zen's face was drained due to the intense pain he felt.

Yet, the pain was nothing and he could bear it.

However, the most important body part to a martial artist was the belly. To destroy the inner world meant to break the belly, and in turn Zen would be crippled.

Just then, a strangely astonishing scene unraveled within Zen's inner world that had left him dumbfounded.

The golden Sanskrit words that flew everywhere had been connected once again. Moreover, the number of golden Sanskrit words was now multiplied by ten. There were about 10, 800 golden Sanskrit words in total.

The moment all of them were connected, a faint layer of light appeared and behind it was a new boundary wall.

Apparently, Zen's inner world had suddenly expanded tenfold!

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