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   Chapter 2046 The Spinulose Wood Fern

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Maha possessed a lot of backup plans.

He retained the ability to protect himself even if he happened to come across a Supreme Lord within the Evolutionary Universe.

However, killing Zen with these backup plans would not be easy. He knew that if he wasn't careful, he would die in Zen's hands.

In challenging Zen, his intention was not to engage in a fair fight, but to take over the Evolutionary Universe. This was a war conducted between two Holy Beings under the established rules.

Maha knew that he was just Murphy's pawn just as all living beings were merely the pawns of Holy Beings.

For the moment, Maha no longer paid any attention to Zen. Instead, he closed his eyes and concentrated on his chanting.

The Heavens-suppressing Object possessed by every Holy Being was extraordinary.

After one became a True God in the divine land, and created their own perfect inner world, their dependence on the life vitality would slowly decrease until it reached the point where they no longer consumed the life vitality at all.

After all, consuming the life vitality was in a sense destroying the inner world.

Warriors at the world lord level would painstakingly build up their inner worlds and produce several divine kingdoms and sacred places. If they then fought with others and had to drain the life vitality from their cinnabar fields, all the divine kingdoms and sacred places would be destroyed, and all creatures would die. This could be an incredibly painful loss.

After one became a True God, it was possible to condense a Godly Tile within the inner world before using the momentum within the inner world.

What was called 'momentum' was in reality a method of applying the Faith Energy at a higher level. For example, the creatures which inhabited the Evolutionary Universe were unaware that Mike existed, but that didn't stop Mike taking advantage of the momentum at will.

A True God used a Godly Tile to control the 'momentum', while a Holy Being employed a Heavens-suppressing Object for the same purpose. In both the Evolutionary Universe and the Murphy Universe, the Heavens-suppressing Object would become a Heavenly Destiny and seek out a representative of the Holy Being to become its owner. It was through this Heavenly Destiny, that someone could borrow the momentum held within the universe.

Master Feng possessed the Evolution Lotus Flower and was able to borrow the momentum from within the Evolutionary Universe. In the Murphy Universe it was Maha's father that the Sacred race called the Grand Supreme Lord who could borrow the momentum. He held the spinulose wood fern, the Heavens-suppressing Object within the Murphy Universe.

This spinulose wood fern had a great origin. It had been born from a great ceremony before being controlled by Murphy.

To keep Maha safe, the Grand Supreme Lord of the Sacred race tore off a branch from the spinulose wood fern before turning it into a spell and sending it into Maha's body. By activating it, Maha was able to use the 'momentum' from the Murphy Universe to kill his opponent.

Of course,

Use glass as the ground. The sacred tree is solemn. Use gold as a rope. To make eight boundaries..." Maha chanted.

This spinulose wood fern was the chief of all the trees in the land of bliss. And at this moment, this tree was rushing straight towards Zen with a loud bang.

Faced with such power that was entirely beyond his comprehension, Zen was unable to determine a good way to fight it. All he could do was to rely on the power of the Nine Divine Stars.

The nine stars within his body began to spin intensely. The chaotic sea surged, and the central continent quaked uncontrollably.

Zen's world wasn't large enough. Activating the Nine Divine Stars too much would cause the inner world to undergo a drastic change. At this point, Zen was out of ideas, and he didn't have a good solution to the problem, so he didn't have the time to pay attention to the myriad of living creatures in the inner world any longer.

All of this time, the Sacred race's Supreme Lords remained standing there, unmoving.

However, within the Dead Water World, the other Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe had started to panic.

"Master Feng! Shouldn't we take action at this point?" Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment asked, his voice full of concern.

"With Nathan dead, no matter how, we must not allow Zen to be killed!" Supreme Lord of Oracle also said.

"Supreme Lord Leroy, take me over there." Lavender had her brows knit together. Her actual cultivation was only at the level of a grand world lord, so she was not able to teleport continuously through multiple supreme worlds in the way which a Supreme Lord could. Right now, she felt the power of the strange tree and understood that Zen might be unable to withstand the coming blow.

Maha was able to use the Heavens-suppressing Object, and Master Feng was also able to use the Heavens-suppressing Object. But at this time, Master Feng still quelled all of the Supreme Lords' restlessness.

He simply stared at Zen from a distance, before saying resolutely, "Now… is not the right time."

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