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   Chapter 2045 A Farce

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In the eyes of Zen, the ability possessed by Maha to freely change the Laws in this area was too powerful.

If he used it properly, Zen would be unable to predict what the outcome might be.

Since Maha had slashed his saber towards him, even though he might be injured, Zen was naturally unwilling to let the opportunity pass. He managed to grab the saber in his hand!

Zen's body was already strong enough to astonish everyone who saw it. Even without using the power transfer skill, it was impossible to harm him by ordinary means.

As he caught the saber in his hand, Zen pulled it quickly towards him. The vast strength within his body gushed out, and Maha who was caught off-guard didn't have time to react. He even forgot to release the saber from his hand, and was therefore pulled like a lamb in Zen's direction!

When he witnessed the terrifying strength within Zen's body, Maha knew immediately that it would not be possible for him to defeat Zen in close combat.

As he was pulled towards Zen, his body began to slide like a mudfish, desperate to break free of Zen's grip.

Maha used a very special movement technique. As his life vitality had gushed from his body, it had created a thin film that totally enveloped his body, making it impossible for others to capture him.

He had already evaded Zen's attacks several times before, and expected to do the same on this occasion.

However, the instant he made a move to escape, a ribbon of colorful light shot from Zen's hand and bound Maha's body to him.

The Death Chain.

Having seized his opportunity, Zen hesitated no longer as he linked himself with Maha.

There was a reason Zen had hesitated to use the Death Chain. He was aware that although he could only see Maha, the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race would certainly be hiding in the shadows. If the Supreme Lords chose to attack while he was bound to Maha, then there was no chance he would be able to escape.

However, he finally decided that he must take risks to kill Maha.

When Maha was bound by the Death Chain, he soon realized the nature of Zen's plan. If other warriors constantly encountered setbacks like Maha had, by now they would have panicked and lost their wits. They would no longer have possessed the will to fight.

However, Maha still retained his absolutely calm demeanor and did not demonstrate the slightest panic.

It only took a thought and Maha restored the Wind Law which he had banned earlier. His body spun and jumped into the air as he attempted to free himself from the Death Chain, but even if he erupted with all his strength, the Death Chain only wrapped him tighter and showed no signs of breaking.

At the same time, he felt an irresistible force pulling him back.

It was Zen who was pulling the Death Chain back to him.

When Zen pulled Maha back, he punched out at the same moment. But, when Maha was just a few feet away from him, his figure strangely vanished.

Maha was once again modifying t

once more.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Maha started to rapidly appear and then disappear in many different positions as if he was in a Whack-A-Mole game. His chanting had been once more interrupted by Zen.

He glared angrily at Zen, but Zen maintained a poker face.

As the Supreme Lords of both sides beheld this scene, they were all dumbfounded. While some of them even burst out laughing.

This fight between the two Godly Geniuses had gradually turned into a farce because they were unable to do anything to each other.

"Maha plans to use the Heavens-suppressing Object to defeat Zen," a Supreme Lord from Sacred race said. He had already identified Maha's intentions.

Another Supreme Lord frowned and said, "The Grand Supreme Lord did indeed bestow this ability upon Maha before we came to this universe, but Maha could only use it once. It is very precious. Wouldn't it be too much of a waste to use it to kill Zen?"

Maha had prepared well before he led the Sacred race in their invasion of the Evolutionary Universe.

However, the Heavens-suppressing Object had originally been intended to deal with the True God in the Evolutionary Universe.

But now Maha had no alternative. He simply couldn't defeat Zen in any other way.

"It wouldn't be a waste to kill Zen," Supreme Lord Denzel said simply.

His words were immediately received with approval by other Supreme Lords.

"Yes, you are right!"

"It is almost impossible for such a great talent to appear in the Evolutionary Universe. He must be the last hope of Mike. No wonder Holy Murphy had specifically ordered us to first kill the Godly Geniuses in this universe!"

The Sacred race had taken a great deal of effort to train Maha to this level. Even so, Maha couldn't have been as good as he was without the help of Murphy.

However, Zen was far stronger than Maha in every respect. They speculated that training Zen must have taken much more effort. There was no reason for them to let Zen live!

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