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   Chapter 2044 Fight With Bare Hands

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Iron Moon City was aglow with bright purple from the orb of light that had spread quickly across the land, covering the whole city up to the hills.

Maha's skill was apparent, especially when the opponent was Nathan. He would often try to intimidate him using the Grand World Technique; but even without it, Maha would have still been able to defeat Nathan.

However, compared to Nathan, facing Zen gave Maha a terrible headache.

Whether in terms of strength or weaponry, Zen could easily defeat him!

Maha's speed had proved to be superior to many, but when he was faced with Zen, escaping was its only function!

The Grand World Technique was one of Maha's greatest assets. Once he activated it, he could dominate and make all the rules to his advantage.

Nonetheless, after being defeated by Zen and fleeing in every direction, Maha had already lost face.

Although Maha had already mentally prepared himself to fight Zen and wholly removed all arrogance in his heart to be in his best condition, this did not mean that Maha lacked pride!

As the top Godly Genius of Murphy Universe, being chased all the way down here and running around underground with his face covered in dirt was not Maha's style!

Besides, Zen continually swung his terrifying sword, and some human world lord had been continuously using the Roaring Token to exaggerate the situation. All creatures in the Evolutionary Universe and all of the Sacred warriors were immediately informed of his escape.

"I do look like an earthworm..." Maha muttered, "but you will have to pay for saying that!"


At this moment, Maha gently stepped on the ground and shot out like an arrow leaving the bow. The saber in his right hand emitted a black light as he rushed towards Zen at breakneck speed.

Zen did not feel anything out of the ordinary, even when totally enveloped by the light. There were three thousand Godly Ways; it was impossible to understand the uniqueness of all of them.

As he saw Maha rushing towards him, he didn't hesitate at all. His pair of heartless eyes flashed, and his fierce sword glowed with a majestic aura that once again cut down towards Maha!


However, before Zen's sword could strike out, Maha raised his head and slashed with his saber.

The strange thing was that Maha's blade wasn't aimed at Zen. Rather, it was pointed in the direction of Iron Moon City…

It was confusing, for where he had swung his blade was, after all, far from where Zen was.

The Iron Moon City was also in a state of disintegration. The human and Sacred world lords were all circling in the air, observing the two battle from a distance where if they were even slightly caught up in it, their live

all downwards.

At this moment, Maha had changed the Wind Law.

Under normal circumstances, a warrior could fly after they had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, and that ability relied on the Wind Law. Therefore, when an Illuminating Soul Realm warrior practiced flying, the most important thing was to move with the wind.

But at this moment, the Wind Law had been directly prohibited by Maha.

Those within the range of the Grand World Technique, would not be able to fly, even Maha himself!

Knowing this would happen, Maha prepared himself beforehand. After pointing his sword, he adjusted his body, and used the power of his descent to increase the strength of his strike!

As for Zen, who had suddenly lost his balance, facing Maha's saber was unavoidable.

"This ability is impressive!" Zen was smiling as he fell. As Maha's saber slammed down at him, he suddenly waved the Great Weighty Sword in his hand. Relying on the weight of the sword, he spun in the air without dodging and reached out to grab Maha's saber!



For the first time, the black light contained within Maha's weapon made Zen bleed. It cut open Zen's palm, and golden blood flowed from the cut.

Maha's blade remained impaled on Zen's palm, but it couldn't go any further.

Maha thought, 'This fellow's physical body is...'

What was happening made him gape.

He knew that the long robe on Zen's body had an extraordinary origin. It was thin as paper, yet it was impervious to any weapon!

Nevertheless, he didn't expect that Zen's physical body would also be extraordinarily strong. He had used almost all of his strength to slash, but he couldn't even cut off one of Zen's hands. How could there be such a creature like Zen in the Evolutionary Universe? How was he supposed to defeat Zen?

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