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   Chapter 2043 An Earthworm

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Some of the Sacred Supreme Lords were absolutely loyal to Maha. Some of them remained neutral, and some held great hostility toward Maha.

After all, the internal forces of the Sacred race were extremely complicated—they weren't as united as it seemed.

But everyone still had absolute confidence in Maha.

In the Murphy Universe, Maha's reputation was simply too great. From the moment this fellow was born, he constantly created miracles.

But as the Sacred Supreme Lords saw his fight against Zen, their confidence in Maha suddenly began to waver.

None of Zen's strikes contained any special laws or Law of Causality. The Gods-intimidating Strike contained only Zen's comprehension of the Godly Way—it had displayed the peak-level of sword intent. In terms of pure power of the Gods-intimidating Strike, it was already comparable to that of Elena's Profound Holy Thunder, equal to a Supreme Lord's full attack.

But even a Supreme Lord couldn't recklessly unleash such a terrifying attack such as Zen's. He employed the Gods-intimidating strike with ease and it wasn't a problem for him to strike relentlessly. If he intended to do so, the several hundred strikes would be enough to shatter the very supreme world to pieces.

"This Godly Genius… he's exceeded our expectations," a Supreme Lord said, lowering his voice.

The Sacred race had long been prepared to invade the Evolutionary Universe. In their first year there, they made no move. Instead, they were busy collecting information from the Evolutionary Universe, analyzing the function of every single Supreme Lord's Heavenly Destiny, their true strength, the conflicts between the races, and so on—anything they could get their hands on.

Even Murphy had warned the Sacred race to pay special attention to these Godly Geniuses in the Evolutionary Universe—they managed to collect tons of detailed information regarding the ten Godly Geniuses.

This included their races, ages, strengths, personalities, experiences, Godly Ways, cultivation methods, and so on.

But back then, none of the ten had entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. The Sacred race had not compared the strength of the Godly Geniuses to that of Maha, and Godly Geniuses such as Zen and Nathan were only at the Soul Sea Realm at that time.

But after Zen and the other Godly Geniuses returned from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, their strengths had advanced by leaps and bounds. The Sacred race had to have a new evaluation of these Godly Geniuses.

Forcefully raising one's cultivation could cause one's level to destabilize. And these Godly Geniuses had just become world lords—compared to Maha, they were still as young and tender as baby birds. In the hearts of these Sacred Supreme Lords, they still weren't quite powerful enough to pose any real threat.

But now, the strength Zen had displayed completely overturned their logic.

"His strength… It goes far beyond our imagination!" Supreme Lord Barrie's eyes were filled with shock. A feeling overcame him, telling

the time, Zen still had difficulty completely taking the life of a Supreme Lord. But later on, when Mike appeared and took Zen away, the latter managed to master the Enemy Repelling Arts. Now, he possessed the ability to break causality, and his abilities had become even more terrifying.

For instance, since a Law of Causality such as the Five Aging Processes could be broken by Zen in a single slash, the Crowns of Destiny that these Supreme Lords had carried were nothing impressive next to such a feat.

But of course, Zen hadn't yet fought a Supreme Lord since then and Lavender couldn't jump to any conclusions. The Supreme Lords were debating this matter on their own and she meant not to join them. So long as the Supreme Lords didn't perish, they'd eventually see Zen taking on a Supreme Lord...

Meanwhile, in the battle, he slashed over twenty times.

While the Gods-intimidating Strike was famous for its great power, it wasn't particularly fast. Because Maha could travel fast underground, he managed to escape the attacks.

But the World Tree in Zen's inner world had already taken root in other areas outside the inner world, relentlessly absorbing chaotic energy. It was inexhaustible and never could it be drained.

So Zen launched such consecutive attacks to deter his opponent.

Meanwhile, Maha could only groan and run around underground.

After dashing several dozens of miles underground, Maha could no longer hold on. Suddenly, he stopped and the layer of earth in front of him began to crack open. Sword intent shot down before his eyes, piercing through the ground and creating a bottomless crack in front of him.

Light shone through and when Maha raised his head, he saw Zen, high up in the sky.

For a moment, the two looked at each other. Zen, wielding the Great Weighty Sword in his hand, smiled faintly. "Are you an earthworm?"

Faced with such provocation, Maha's expression turned determined. The blade in his hand suddenly twisted until a deep purple light spread from it.

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