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   Chapter 2042 The Rampant Sword Intent

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Many scenarios could happen during a battle. When a martial artist was at a disadvantage, however, it would be difficult to reverse the situation—especially if both parties' strengths were at a similar level.

It was known that Maha was the number one Godly Genius of the Sacred race. He knew how to execute numerous methods and could think of ways to evade his opponent in the most dangerous situations.

Moreover, he had extremely sharp senses and had quickly discerned that the icy blue flame was quite strange. As soon as he determined that he couldn't fight head on against it, his body immediately sank.

Thus, Zen had failed to hit him when they passed by each other in midair.

The red light around Maha flashed as he descended down, and then a blade appeared in his hand. His lips curved up into a sinister smile.

"Light Wheel Slash!"

Circular rays of the blade light spread out around Maha at a high speed and sliced through him like mad. The surrounding air became extremely chaotic. The saber emitted ear-piercing splitting sounds, which were similar to a disastrous flute playing.

The circular rays of the blade light enveloped Maha in a radius of one thousand feet. The area where he stood was a dead zone; not even the smallest of mosquitoes would be able to find a gap to escape!

Meanwhile, Zen stood directly above Maha where the blade light was the most concentrated.

However, Maha's attacks didn't faze him at all. When Maha brought out his saber, he already had the Great Weighty Sword in his hand.

Maha's saber was extremely nimble and agile like a small viper. It could attack its opponent numerous times from any angle, and its every move was fatal.

On the other hand, Zen's Great Weighty Sword was like a giant dragon hidden in an abyss. It was immensely heavy, but once it had launched an attack, it only needed a single strike to kill its opponent!

"Boom, boom, boom, boom…"

Zen held the Great Weighty Sword horizontally in front of his chest as the countless light wheels shot towards him.

The clashing of the sword and saber should've created a melodious sound, but because of the Great Weighty Sword's power, the weapons produced an extremely dull, metallic clang like a large bell.

"How can you block it that easily?" Maha sneered. He turned the saber in his hand with a contemptuous look. Once again, the second wave of the Light Wheel Slash struck at Zen.

While Maha had suffered a loss while fighting Zen with brute force, he was highly confident in his speed.

In addition, Maha and even the vast majority of martial artists thought that offense was the best defense. It wouldn't do any good to resist just like what Zen did and besides, it wasn't hard for him to break through Zen's line of defenses.

Maha continued to alt

m. Maha was very shocked, and felt that he was truly unlucky today.

After Zen slashed out his first sword strike, Maha had already decided to avoid his opponent's attack first and then quickly find a chance to counterattack. According to his experience, Zen would always have a moment of weakness after he displayed this terrifying sword move. Thus, it would be the best time for him to strike back.

Then again, ideas were always wonderful; but reality was always cruel.

He never expected for Zen to repeatedly launch his attacks.

Furthermore, each of his sword strikes was comparable to the all-out attack of a Supreme Lord!

What was worse was that he had launched three sword attacks in a row without any rest or hesitation. He also did not gather any momentum. How did he make it?

Most importantly, how big was his inner world?

Generally speaking, a world lord's inner world was limited in size. No matter how much life vitality it had, it still wouldn't be enough for a large consumption. Even Maha's inner world wouldn't be able to last long if he had used such a skill.

However, Zen had already slashed out ten sword strikes in just a short period of time. If Maha tried to do that, he might've used up all the life vitality in his inner world.

Yet there was Zen, who still looked so vigorous. He didn't look the least bit exhausted!


Huge amounts of sword intent continued to descend upon the ground. Several streams of the sword intent had even cut through the Sunflower Water World. They left numerous cracks all over the place, which made the supreme world they were in look like a face that was full of scratches.

Soon enough, the entire supreme world had lost its stability and began to tremble continuously.

The Sacred Supreme Lords who hid in secret places saw the scene, and were speechless with shock.

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