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   Chapter 2041 Test The Waters

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Because he practiced the Great Dominance Technique, Maha's movements gave off a strong sense of oppression.

An ordinary warrior would feel great pressure facing Maha and their first instinct would be to submit to him without question.

However, because of his cultivation level, Maha's Great Dominance Technique had no effect on the Gold Fighting Soul. The Emperor Soul Imprint in Zen's soul also contained an aura that was by no means weaker than the Great Dominance Technique.

Zen was calm as he faced Maha. "I believe this will be the last time we meet."

Maha smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think so too."

The two of them were the representatives of their respective universes: the two strongest martial artists second only to Supreme Lords. As a war broke out between these two universes, a fight between the two of them was unavoidable.

Maha clenched his right hand into a fist and rubbed his left palm. He then gently stepped in the air and took the initiative to launch an attack!

Words were of no use to Maha. He merely focused on dealing the deadly blow on Zen. He was determined to crush him along with the hopes and dreams that this entire universe pinned onto the young man.

He did not even bother using a weapon. Maha simply went for Zen with his bare hands!

"Whoosh! Whoosh…."

In terms of speed or the burst of strength, Maha's attack was nothing special.

However, Zen saw the space behind Maha slightly shift and distort.

When formidable strength was exerted on a warrior's body, their mass would in turn rise exponentially. Upon reaching a certain point, it would then start to suppress their surroundings and distort the space around them.

Zen was no stranger to this phenomenon, having experienced the same thing many times.

It was just a bit surprising to see it done by Maha too.

'What powerful strength!'

Zen remarked in his head. He never knew Maha could be this strong and it didn't help that he had no idea where this sort of strength came from. However, despite facing against such a powerful opponent, Zen felt extremely excited.

Since Maha wanted to fight with brute force alone, then Zen would not hesitate to do the same.

His punch wasn't very fast and it was absolutely possible for Zen to dodge it if he wanted to. However, instead of retreating, Zen decided to lower the center of his body and took a horse stance on the rock!

"This Zen... he wants to take a punch from Maha head-on?" Supreme Lord Barrie murmured, having hidden himself in the dark.

"That would be too disappointing..." Supreme Lord Noel said, shaking his head slightly.

"He overestimates himself," another Supreme Lord remarked.

Since Maha was the number one Godly Genius of the Sacred race with unparalleled strength and power, it was only natural for the Sacred Supreme Lords to watch over him during his b

ys to beat a stronger opponent than just brute strength.

The ordinary Sacred warriors, on the other hand, felt less than calm. The only thing they saw was Zen defeating Maha with a single punch.

"Is the battle going to end with the first punch?"

"He only used one punch to make the Godly Genius bleed... unbelievable!"

"We're finished. This Zen guy is too strong!"

The Sacred warriors of Iron Moon City lamented while the human warriors rejoiced.

"Haha, no one under the level of Supreme Lord is stronger than Zen!"

"What the hell? Is this Maha really a Godly Genius? All it took was one punch to make him bleed."

"Come on, Zen!"

These world lords weren't content cheering on the sidelines, they also took out their precious Roaring Tokens and announced Zen's amazing feat to the entire Evolutionary Universe. This news was extremely inspiring and greatly boosted the morale of everyone in the Evolutionary Universe!

Maha distanced himself until he was around ten thousand feet away from Zen, only then did he manage to stabilize himself and wipe the blood from his mouth.

'He's gonna be harder to deal with than I thought, ' Maha couldn't help but think to himself. This small injury was nothing but he had to reassess Zen's strength immediately.

Physical strength wasn't a necessarily critical factor in winning fights but it still could give a warrior an edge. Since he didn't have any advantage over Zen on physical strength, Maha would be forced into a passive stance. He needed to reconsider his entire strategy.

However, Zen didn't accord him that luxury. The young man suddenly raised his right hand, summoning an icy blue flame that completely wrapped around his palm. With the blazing power of the Space Law, a single step caused Zen to move ten thousand feet forward, just to reach behind Maha. He then raised his arm and slapped his opponent across the back.

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