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   Chapter 2040 Worry

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"They're just as stupid as other ordinary beasts..."

Zen's hand shot out and grabbed at a Silver Moon Wolf's head.

The Silver Moon Wolf's reaction, however, was extremely quick, and with a haphazard roll, it managed to evade Zen's attack. As soon as it righted itself, it roared and clawed at Zen's face. It had discovered that Zen's body was indestructible, so it shifted his attention to Zen's face instead. The other three Silver Moon Wolves bit Zen, intent on drawing him away.


A trace of surprise appeared on Zen's face before he let out a sinister laugh.

The power of the nine stars gushed out crazily, and with a slight twist of his body, a wave of power formed into a vortex that revolved wildly around him. A cracking sound was heard as the four Silver Moon Wolves got caught in the vortex.

In a blink of an eye, the heads, fur, and bones of the Silver Moon Wolves were cut to pieces.

Zen stood at the center of the remains and calmly waved his hand. A faint light flashed from his space ring and absorbed the fragments of the Silver Moon Wolves.

Earlier, Karl had also been blown into bits by the Angel of Death from the sorcerer race, but was resurrected by Supreme Lord Lester. Zen assumed that while Nathan had been devoured by the Silver Moon Wolves, the beasts did not have time to absorb his flesh fragments.

If the Celestial Position members could separate Nathan's fragments from those of the Silver Moon Wolves, then they'd have a chance to revive him.

And while it didn't seem very much, this was the only thing Zen could do. Whether or not Nathan could be saved depended on his own luck.

As Zen slowly descended onto a protruding rock, his gaze landed on the Iron Moon City.

When he was dealing with the Silver Moon Wolves, he had also been on guard for a sneak attack by Maha. However, Maha didn't show up at all causing Zen to be even more vigilant.

On the other side of the Iron Moon City, a magnificent palace stood. It had been originally the city lord's mansion, but when Maha came to the Sunflower Water World and killed the city lord, the mansion became Maha's palace.

Inside the mansion, steam rose from a boiling pool of brown water and filled the air with a strong herbal fragrance. The water's temperature, above boiling point, was enough to melt any ordinary being in an instant.

However, the two naked figures that were curr

, there was an extreme feeling of worry that she just couldn't shake off.

Because of Zen's gruesome attack, the Sacred martial artists present kept quiet out of fear. They deduced that only Maha had the chance to defeat such a formidable talent like Zen. At this time, they looked forward to seeing Maha more than Zen.

"Do your best, Maha! Kill that Godly Genius!"

"Avenge us!"

"Zen has a powerful ice flame in his hand. Be careful, Maha!"

The Sacred martial artists marched beside Maha as he walked along the road, giving him words of encouragement and caution.

Maha nodded his head once in response before he took a step forward and instantly appeared at the top of the hill.

He eyed Zen warily from his place. "This is the third time we've met."

For the first time they met, there wasn't anything remarkable about Zen, and Maha was able to defeat the boy with just a finger. For the second time they met, Zen had improved greatly. Maha had wanted a Supreme Lord to kill him then, but by sheer dumb luck, Zen had managed to escape.

Now that he had crossed paths with Zen for the third time, he couldn't help but notice the sense of danger growing in his heart. He tried to suppress the feeling as it only reminded him that this person had the strength to kill him.

Maha also understood that he couldn't wait any longer. Zen had progressed quickly. Even when Maha went to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land to cultivate before, he hadn't improved as much as Zen had.

If he missed this opportunity to kill Zen now, he'd be facing an undefeatable monster in the future!

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