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   Chapter 2039 Ice Sculptures

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With the icy-blue flame gripped in his hand, Zen killed all approaching enemies as he traveled in the Iron Moon City.

Any martial artists who stood in his way were left to fend for themselves against the ice flame.

Only a few martial artists had the ability of using the Fire Law to resist the Ice Soul Flame for a while. However, the Ice Soul Flame was a mystery comprehended by a Holy Being. It was actually what made Holy Jay famous. How in the world could these Sacred world lords resist it in the end?

A warrior who cultivated the Fire Law produced golden flames and managed to resist the Ice Soul Flame. It didn't last long though, and the fire was soon consumed by the Ice Soul Flame, and the inner world in his cinnabar field was completely frozen. He could only stare at Zen with pleading eyes.

Zen's movement gradually slowed as he took a look at the Sacred martial artist. In his eyes, the Sacred martial artist was quickly wrapped up by the Ice Soul Flame and turned into an ice sculpture. There seemed to be no breaths or signs of life in him anymore.

Once he got closer, Zen lightly tapped the ice sculpture with his index finger. In an instant, countless cracks began to form across the frozen body, which eventually shattered into a pile of ice on the ground.

"What a bold move from this kid!"

"This guy actually dared to attack us at the Iron Moon City!"

"Kill him!"

Zen's actions brought attention to half of the Sacred warriors in the Iron Moon City. One after another, they rushed towards the street and quickly surrounded Zen.

"It's Zen!" someone shouted.

"He has arrived at the Iron Moon City!" another screamed.

"The current Zen is so strong now. A few years ago, he was only at the Soul Sea Realm. Now, he can kill a world lord with just a wave of his hand!"

The humans and warriors from various races finally recognized Zen, and some world lords who recognized him had all sorts of feelings that welled up inside their hearts. Back in the Illusion Battlefield, Zen was still a mere Soul Sea Realm martial artist, while they had already been world lords for hundreds or even thousands of years. In a span of a few years, he attained so much power which was hard to comprehend.

There were around seventy Sacred warriors gathered in front of Zen, all of whom were world lords. However, when they saw the ice sculptures of the Sacred warriors behind Zen, no one dared to charge forward.

Hearing his name made them even more flustered.

Zen was the strongest Godly Genius in the Evolutionary Universe, a title that was well-deserved. He might not be as strong as Maha, but he was definitely stron

t of Iron Moon City and landed on the hill. As he narrowed his eyes, he caught sight of four silver wolves.

Just as the warrior said, Nathan's body had already been devoured by these silver wolves. Not much was left behind except blood and bones.

Zen's blood began to boil at the sight of this.

At the start of it all, Nathan and Zen were enemies. However, they soon found a common ground and formed a camaraderie like no other.

Seeing Nathan getting feasted on was a sight he couldn't bear to see. He was sad and angry, and Zen rarely felt this.

He rose into the sky and fell down like a shooting star, smashing straight towards the Silver Moon Wolves.

It turned out, the Silver Moon Wolves were super legendary beasts. Although they were not fully grown, they were still incredibly strong. The moment Zen appeared in the air, they caught sight of him and lowered their bodies. The wolves placed their heads close to the ground, staring at him with their eyes...


Before Zen could even get close, the Silver Moon Wolves already had a plan. They leapt up into the air all together, and began biting towards Zen's neck, arms, and legs.

These Silver Moon Wolves' teeth flashed with a metallic luster, and the tips of their teeth were extremely sharp. They could definitely break any divine weapon once it got in between their teeth. Ordinary world lords stood no chance against them.

The wolves were smart, thinking they could tear Zen into shreds.

But they underestimated him, mistaking him for a mere human.

"Crack crack crack crack…"

With a few crisp sounds, Zen let the Silver Moon Wolves bite him. However, the wolves soon noticed that they couldn't hurt him. One of the Silver Moon Wolves even had two of its teeth broken.

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