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   Chapter 2038 The Rule Set By Maha

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As Zen hightailed over to the place, he witnessed two martial artists battling it out. On the sidelines, human and Sacred warriors alike had their eyes glued to the fight, their gazes alight with interest. Zen deduced that the two martial artists were engaged in a one-on-one battle.

But his aim in rushing over to the Sunflower Water World was not to become another spectator to the battle, but rather he had to put an end to the challenge posed by Maha. As for the unwritten rule, he had no intention of abiding by it.

Only the weak ones obeyed rules. The strong ones called the shots and created the law. They were brave enough to break them when need be.

"Boy! Are you courting death?"

"In the Sunflower Water World, you can only indulge in a one-on-one fight. Otherwise, our Sacred race would have long since exterminated your human race!"

"If you are wise enough, you will run from here with your tail tucked between your legs!"

As the Sacred martial artists noticed Zen step closer, their voices rose to a clamor.

"Who made this rule?" Zen glanced around slowly as he rubbed his fingertips together.

"It has been set by our Godly Genius, Maha, and rightly so!" one of the martial artists spat out arrogantly.

Most of the human martial artists who entered the Sunflower Water World intended to confront and challenge Maha. However, there were simply too many of these human adversaries. It was impossible for Maha to fight them individually by himself. Thus, the Sacred martial artists lent a hand in fighting them.

The corner of Zen's mouth curled up slightly. "So that's how it is. I see."

"Yes, that's how it is. Now make yourself scarce!" a Sacred martial artist shouted.

Zen shook his head. "But that is Maha's rule, not mine."

The martial artist spluttered at this unexpected reply. "And pray tell, what is your rule?" he asked incredulously.

The Sacred martial artists present were clueless as to how they should react to this dissenter. Their race had the absolute advantage in the Sunflower Water World, and the human martial artists who challenged the Sacred warriors were mindful of it, which was why they were usually compliant with the rules.

"My rule is not to follow any rule while fighting the Sacred race!" As he finished speaking, Zen's eyes narrowed in timely warning. Swiftly, his figure flew in the air like a nimble swallow and shot toward that Sacred warrior.

The Sacred warrior had not imagined that Zen would dare make a move such as this. His vision blurred and turned hazy as Zen flashed past him.

Zen had stunned the Sacred warrior. Before the latter could even react, an Ice Soul Flame bloomed on his chest and rapidly trickled into his body. A cold chill pervaded his insides inch by slow inch, spreading through his meridians until it finally invaded his deep inner world.

The inner world of the Sacred martial artist was engulfed in ice and snow. As the temperature plummeted even more, a number of creatures within froze into chunks of ice. Along with the living beings formed out of life vitality, the

lenging each other.

After Maha had killed Nathan, the Sacred martial artists become rather vainglorious. They took pleasure in goading the martial artists of other races in Iron Moon City. As for the martial artists of the human race, the Demon Night race, and the ogre race, they were only indignant and eager to take action at any moment.

As soon as Zen stepped into the place, he attracted the attention of several Sacred martial artists.

"It is a new human world lord. Ha-ha!" someone roared, booming in raucous laughter.

"Humphrey, go challenge him!"

"Let me try..."

The Sacred martial artists had similar condescending smiles on their faces as they stared at Zen. One of them strode toward him. "Hello, human brat! Have you come to Iron Moon City for..."

Before the Sacred martial artist could even finish his question, Zen passed by him indifferently. The moment he did so, a blue ice flower fell on the warrior's shoulder.

Zen looked rather placid...

The Ice Soul Flame burned with intensity.

Before any of the Sacred martial artists could realize what was happening, Zen had already increased his speed. The Ice Soul Flame was like the sickle of death and Zen the grim reaper. He wasted no time in taking the lives of these Sacred martial artists.

Puff, puff, puff...

One after another, the Ice Soul Flames began to bloom. They stirred in the air, releasing distinct sounds. In the bat of an eye, the group of seven Sacred warriors turned into motionless ice sculptures.

Zen did not slow down in the slightest as the warriors fell to the ground. He continued to go deeper into Iron Moon City.

Because of his action, Zen attracted the attention of the martial artists in Iron Moon City. Another group of Sacred world lords stormed out, and as they took in what had happened, they were utterly furious. Countless challenges had occurred outside of Iron Moon City, but this human martial artist before them had broken the cardinal rule!

They could not possibly tolerate such impudence from a human world lord!

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