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   Chapter 2037 Rules (Part Two)

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"I am Supreme Lord of Oracle. I am representing the human race in order to announce news. Nathan has been killed by Maha. On behalf of the human race and the Evolutionary Universe, I hope that stronger talents will come forth and stand for our revenge!"

Truth be told, there was only one or two warriors in the younger generation that were stronger than Nathan. One of them was Zen, and the other was Rocher. Currently, Rocher was in closed-door seclusion, and Zen had just taken care of things with the Demon Night. There was literally nobody else they could count on.

The reason she said this was in an attempt to provide comfort to the countless living beings within the Evolutionary Universe. More importantly, she tried inspiring everyone and anyone who was listening.

As Supreme Lord of Oracle's cold and moving voice echoed throughout the universe, all the races and intelligent life forms across the land threw themselves into an uproar.

"There's no way Nathan actually lost to that Maha!" someone exclaimed.

"This Maha is truly an undefeatable existence!" someone else shouted in agreement. "Does this mean that we have to send a Supreme Lord to fight him?"

"Zen! We want Zen to fight!"

For a moment, the entire Evolutionary Universe was filled with righteous indignation as people yelled and shouted out over one another.

Supreme Lord of Oracle's voice was heard by everyone in the universe, including Zen, of course.

After making amends with the Demon Night's internal strife, Zen had come into the Lower World in order to retrieve the Great Weighty Sword.

This sword could withstand Zen's power, making it a very suitable weapon for him. However, once it flew out of his hand, nothing in nature had the

rrently unable to move. All that was left was to close his eyes and await his death.

However, the lightning bolt was miraculously stopped in midair.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the air. The odd figure stretched out its hand and cut the golden lightning in half with a single motion!

The thick golden lightning bolt turned into thin lightning snakes, spreading out in all directions along Zen's arms. Zen, on the other hand, smiled faintly at his opponent and said, "Since victory and defeat have already been decided, there's no need to slaughter anyone, isn't it?"

"Who are you? How dare you interfere with my challenge? Doing so is completely against the rules." The Sacred warrior's face became cold.

There weren't any large scale battles occurring in the Sunflower Water World at the moment. The human and Sacred warriors simply hated each other. Generally speaking, the winner of the battle would kill their opponent directly on the spot.

It was a two-way street. No one else could interfere, and everyone knew this very well. It was an unwritten rule. Zen interfering in the fight right after his arrival truly was against the rules.

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