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   Chapter 2036 Rules (Part One)

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Supreme Lord of Original Sin was known to be a highly intelligent individual.

From the start, he knew the risks of stepping into the Sunflower Water World: he would trigger a powerful counterattack from the Sacred race.

Even though he was a top-rank Supreme Lord, the chances of him dying in the Sunflower Water World were quite strong, unlimited even.

However, he couldn't simply stand by and watch his own son's corpse being devoured by the blood-hungry wolves!

With other Supreme Lords' persuasion, Supreme Lord of Original Sin hesitated.

Simultaneously though, other things were happening in the Sunflower Water World, too.

In the air above, several blood-red space cracks had begun to appear. The thin cracks streaked across the sky, intertwining with each other and spreading at rapid speed.

Faint shadows swayed among the rays of dark red light emanating from the cracks. A great power gushed from the cracks. The Sacred Supreme Lords were hiding within them!

Inevitably, this scene caused Supreme Lord of Original Sin to waken from his sullen stupor.

He knew that, many times, anger wasn't the solution to the problem. If he rushed into the Sunflower Water World now, the best outcome would probably be his death at the hands of the Sacred Supreme Lords. If he died in that world, then the four great clans wouldn't be capable of operating Star Destroying Array together. This would cause a great reduction in the strength of the human race!

Even worse, it could cause the whole Sacred race to launch an attack. This was definitely something he wanted to avoid.

In such a situation, the possibility of humankind actually winning was so low that it could lead to the destruction of the entire universe.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin weighed the

races, all remained silent. On their gloomy faces was etched a form of resilience, as if they were volcanoes just waiting to erupt at any given moment.

Not too long afterward, Supreme Lord of Oracle's voice resounded throughout the Evolutionary Universe.

Nathan's death also had another use: to arouse the common hatred of all the living beings in the universe. Just like Maha had guessed, he didn't need to announce Nathan's death publicly. He could rest assured, for he knew that the human Supreme Lords would definitely take care of the matter for him.

Prior to this, many living creatures in the universe already knew that Nathan was entering the Sunflower Water World in order to challenge Maha, and Maha seemed to be at a disadvantage. Ever since then though, the universe had maintained its silence. No one had informed them of the event's updates. The living creatures were thus all ears, just waiting to be given even the slightest news.

Countless warriors had been paying attention to the matter for a long time, and yet, no one had heard anything from anyone.


Supreme Lord of Oracle's voice was suddenly heard booming throughout the entire universe.

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