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   Chapter 2035 At The End Of His Forbearance

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Being caught inside the space of Maha's Grand World Technique, you were already considered powerless. All of the rules were decided by him.

Whether it would be the laws of the five elements, the Time Law or the Space Law, it had basically no effect once you were inside it.

What was more amazing was that Maha could even change the pattern of laws on his own!

"Does this mean that, within this guy's Grand World Technique, even the Heavenly Destiny is useless?" Supreme Lord of Oracle asked with furrowed brows.

In this way, if a Supreme Lord would be caught in the space of Maha's Grand World Technique, using their Heavenly Destiny would be an empty attack and they would even be killed by him.

"Yes. But Maha hasn't condensed his Godly Tile yet, so his Grand World Technique isn't complete. He isn't able to change all of the rules. Supreme Lord Healum's Space Lock belongs to the Space Law, and is most likely to be changed by the Grand World Technique. That's why Maha cut it apart so easily," Wynn explained.

"I see," Supreme Lord of Oracle said with a nod. The first time she met Maha, the latter was rude to her. Right at that moment, she already had the urge to kill him. If it was not for the good of the whole, she might not be able to control her desire to kill him.

"What about Nathan's life? How to avenge him…" Supreme Lord of Original Sin who had his eyes closed for a long time suddenly opened them.

It was him who offered to put Nathan at risk. He had prepared everything thoroughly, but he did not expect this mistake to occur at the last moment. Supreme Lord of Original Sin invested too much effort on him that he wouldn't just watch his own son die without due justice.

Hearing his grievance, Master Feng uttered, "Wait a little longer. As long as our enemy wouldn't act to damage Nathan's body, there is still a chance for Supreme Lord Lester to resurrect him."

Supreme Lord Lester's Heavenly Destiny used for resurrecting the dead was extremely powerful. As long as the corpse was intact and without heavy damages, it had a high possibility to be completely brought back to life. But looking at the current situation, Maha might not even give him this opportunity…

At this point, Supreme Lord of Original Sin was already in a violent rage.

Being the leader of the four great clans and known to be one of the top-rank Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe, he deeply felt a sense of desolation and resentment in his heart given that he wasn't able to protect his own son. He couldn't even act on his own regardless of his incomparably powerful strength in consideration of the general interest of everyone.

Meanwhile, within the Sunflower Water World, Maha casually waved his hand and the purple light retreated like a tide, continuously gathering in his hand.

After he stopped performing the Grand World Technique, there were several human martial artists who flew towards the top of the hill. These human martial artists didn't come for Maha or Connie, bu

he uttered such words, endless regret flashed on his face as he continued walking down the hill leaving a horrendous sight.

Connie, who was patiently waiting beside him, stepped forward, draped a silver robe over Maha's shoulders, and then urged him to rest.

Back on the hill, having killed the world lords, the Silver Moon Wolves turned back to look at Nathan's corpse. These Silver Moon Wolves were the most outstanding spiritual pets of the Sacred race known as the powerful super legendary beasts. They were no ordinary beast belonging to the extremely pure super legendary beast's bloodline. They wouldn't just randomly eat any common world lords' bodies.

Those common world lords' bodies were way inferior to Nathan's corpse. It contained a thick aura of the Godly Way, and was eminently attractive to the Silver Moon Wolves. They continued to move forward towards Nathan's body and were about to pounce on it but forced to a halt.

An exceedingly formidable aura was suddenly emitted. A scorching white space crack appeared in the sky just above the hill.


An explosive shout resounded from the space crack as an exceptionally strong aura emitted. Sensing this power, the Silver Moon Wolves whimpered in surrender as they retreated backwards out of their animal instincts.

They felt that if they didn't back away in an instant, they would die for sure!

In the Dead Water World, Supreme Lord of Original Sin was seething.

In a rush, he constructed an incandescent space channel in front of him. With his strength, he would easily smash those damned Silver Moon Wolves into pieces once he entered it.


"Buddy!" "That's not a good idea!"


The patriarch of the Ji Clan and the patriarch of the Lie Clan, together with Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment stood in front of Supreme Lord of Original Sin in unison.

"If you act recklessly, you will drag the entire universe into an irreparable calamity. Supreme Lord of Original Sin, please think twice!"

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